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BrandDiorJoy de Dior: the ad with Jennifer Lawrence

Joy de Dior: the ad with Jennifer Lawrence


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Joy de Dior: the ad with Jennifer Lawrence
Joy de Dior: the ad with Jennifer Lawrence

Joy de Dior’s great plunge

Remember: in 1999, the house of Dior presented us with its famous perfume J’Adore . Quickly, it became one of the biggest successes in the world in modern perfumery. If this juice has been reinterpreted many times, Dior had not yet designed other feminine novelties since its release. This is now done thanks to the arrival of the new Joy fragrance, an essence particularly awaited by fans of the brand. Joy made its appearance at the start of the 2018 school year and is already getting a new advertisement.

Joy, “the new perfume of the time” according to Dior

With the release of this new perfume, the house of Dior wanted to make an impression. Joy was conceived as a mythical essence. Moreover, it has the same name as one of the most famous fragrances on the planet: the iconic Joy perfume by Jean Patou, from 1929, also nicknamed “the most expensive perfume in the world”. This time, for the release of Joy, Dior wanted to take a step back and deliver a more subtle message, adapted to today’s world. As its name suggests, it is indeed the theme of joy that is addressed here. If Dior has chosen to work around this subject, it is quite simply for its universal scope. “Anyone can feel it, happy or unhappy, rich or poor. “On a purely olfactory level, this is a very floral scent. Joy by Dior brings together jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang, associated with a gourmet touch of peach and vanilla, and resting on a base of sandalwood.

Jennifer Lawrence, new face of Joy perfume

To embody the new Joy fragrance, the house of Dior has chosen to call on Jennifer Lawrence . After having been a rebellious warrior in “The Hunger Games”, a conquering entrepreneur in “Joy” or an impulsive woman in “Happiness Therapy”, it is a whole new role which is offered to the American actress. She, who is used to playing independent women in the cinema, did not hesitate for a single second to respond favorably to Dior’s request. In this campaign, Jennifer Lawrence shines with her daring and authenticity. More glamor than ever, the pretty blonde this time seems to be enjoying life to the fullest.

Joy’s refreshing ad

The advertising of the Joy fragrance is both refreshing and bursting with vitality. Very glamorous, she reveals different portraits of Jennifer Lawrence at the water’s edge or in a swimming pool. The plans are particularly poetic. The lights are resplendent and everything sometimes takes on an almost magical air. This advertisement takes place on the title “She’s a Rainbow” by The Rolling Stones. “As always, we said to ourselves that it should obey this Dior ideal, which gives happiness the outlines of an essential, visionary luxury”, assures the brand.

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