PerfumeJohn Galliano - John Galliano Box

John Galliano – John Galliano Box


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John Galliano - John Galliano Box

Discover the John Galliano Christmas 2012 Box set …

John Galliano Box

Buy the John Galliano Box at a low price on Fragrenza Perfumes.

The John Galliano Christmas 2012 Box Set contains:

  • a John Galliano Vapo Eau de Parfum 60 ml
  • a Shower Gel 200 ml

John Galliano created the first perfume of his muse, his Galliano Girl … his friend, his confidante … his source of inspiration for years …

The case is a glimpse of his extravagant and fascinating muse…

The bottle is her dress, the epitome of glamor and romanticism …

The fragrance is its essence, its magic elixir which evokes seduction and innocence … a sexy contradiction …

”Give it a try and I know the romance, adventure and spirit of Galliano will inspire you madly! Treat yourself! I am sure you will love it! ”John Galliano.


”A very Galliano bottle, very beautiful, a collector’s item in itself! ”John Galliano.

The muse is the essence and the bottle of her dress. A draped, romantic and modern bottle. A bottle influenced by the drapery of the 19th century, by the painter Boldini, combined with the grace of a Galliano dress… romantic and modern… A bottle crowned by a rosebud, delicate, velvety, super feminine and Galliano’s signature G. A drape dressed in a gradient of metallization that disappears in raspberry pink reflections… a real innovation… A collar, a nod to the “Les Incroyables” collection ^ presented by John Galliano for his graduation diploma. A bottle from another time, from another world, feminine and unique: a signature both high-tech and romantic, unexpected, unforgettable… the quintessence of glamor and romanticism.

The case

A book that tells a story, expresses a universe: Who is the muse? Who is Galliano? A collage of the muse, an atmosphere has been created which envelops the bottle and makes you want to discover it. L’Etui is just an allusion, an eccentric and seductive luxury, a glimpse of the extravagant and fascinating muse.

Scalding aldehydes: the work of aldehydes brings modernity, daring and shine, for a bold and spicy femininity!

Powdery amber femininity: vanilla, ambrette, incense and musks transform the power of diffusion into an intense powdery addiction.

Mythical flowers: rose, iris root, violet, a floral bouquet modernized by lavender and angelica.

Sophisticated woods: cedar wood brings modernity and luminosity to the structure, while patchouli gives it depth and long-lasting vibration.

Women’s Perfumes

Olfactory Family: Chypré – Floral

Top Notes: Vanilla, Ambrette, Incense, Musks.

Heart Notes: Rose, Iris Root, Violet.

Base Notes: Patchouli, Cedarwood.

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