PerfumeIzia la Nuit, a hymn to the nocturnal atmosphere...

Izia la Nuit, a hymn to the nocturnal atmosphere by Sisley


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Izia la Nuit, a hymn to the nocturnal atmosphere by Sisley
Izia la Nuit, a hymn to the nocturnal atmosphere by Sisley

Isabelle and Hubert d’Ornano are an ambitious couple and can congratulate themselves on having revolutionized the world of cosmetics. Together, they first built a family-owned herbal medicine business, almost exclusively using extracts from natural raw materials. Then, at the same time, they embarked on perfumery. Since then, they have fascinated by their unexpected fragrances, not following trends and rather plunging us back into their personal memories. Rich with a certain complexity, Sisley’s fragrances are always bewitching. The latest is no exception to the rule. Named Izia la Nuit, it plunges us into a universe that is more nocturnal and mysterious than ever.

Izia la Nuit, the scent of the famous Ornano rose, darker than ever

Izia la Nuit de Sisley reinvents one of Isabelle d’Ornano’s favorite scents. Indeed, Sisley’s perfumes are often very inspired by his personal tastes, and more exactly by his memories of Andalusia. However, in this part of the globe, the rose is very present. This time, however, this iconic flower of women’s perfumery takes on an unexpected and unusual allure. Izia la Nuit, as its name suggests, is a dark fragrance, endowed with an unprecedented intensity, in which the warmth provided by vanilla mingles with the sensuality of rose. What’s more, its nocturnal atmosphere gives it a more sophisticated and contemporary feel. With it, it all starts with fruity and colorful notes of blackcurrant, tangerine and cardamom. This vibrant and refreshing flight is followed by a brighter heart. At this moment, the Ornano rose is combined with other flowers such as freesia and magnolia. The patchouli adds yet another part of persistence to its recipe, for an irreproachable hold.

Izia la Nuit de Sisley, a powerful and bewitching fragrance

Izia the Night of Sisley is a hymn to the night. It plunges us into Isabelle d’Ornano’s garden once the sun goes down. While the previous Izia de Sisley, from 2017, was a floral and airy juice, this one is meant to be more intriguing and penetrating. The result is a sophisticated composition, as a tribute to the natural presence of the teacher’s founder.

The new luxury bottle from Sisley

Like many perfumes from the house of Sisley, Izia la Nuit is presented to us in a bottle sculpted by the Polish artist Bronislaw Krysztof. Here, he chooses to give us all the beauty of a bottle similar to a precious pebble. This one displays a round and irregular silhouette, offering a perfect grip while being absolutely atypical. The solar facet of the previous Izia has completely disappeared, in favor of a new black and shimmering lacquering, evoking the night. Some solar flashes appear however in places, like the golden reflections present in its juice, in its spray cap and in the name of this perfume, as written by hand.

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