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PerfumeMen's PerfumeInvictus Onyx: the sculpture that sublimates the best seller...

Invictus Onyx: the sculpture that sublimates the best seller of Paco Rabanne


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Invictus Onyx: the sculpture that sublimates the best seller of Paco Rabanne
Invictus Onyx: the sculpture that sublimates the best seller of Paco Rabanne

Invictus Onyx, all the power of a robust and antique stone to enhance Paco Rabanne’s best-seller

Remember: in 2013, designer Paco Rabanne gave birth to one of his greatest men’s fragrances, Invictus. Incarnation of the hero of modern times, this fragrance immediately aroused the public’s interest to rank among the best-selling juices on the planet. On the strength of its success, Invictus then wrote several different chapters of its history, to reveal other derivatives of its scent, such as Invictus Aqua, Invictus Intense or most recently Invictus Legend, in 2019. Once again, it gratifies us with a new surprise. This time, the hero of Paco Rabanne seems to draw all his strength from an emblematic stone of Antiquity. So, what if we unravel the new secret of Invictus Onyx together?


Invictus Onyx, a woody fragrance, like a sensual wave

Invictus Onyx by Paco Rabanne is a woody fragrance whose intensity has been increased tenfold. Striking and seductive, it navigates from the freshness of very lively top notes to a much more resinous and woody base. With him, the seductive heat and the frozen thrill face each other, for an explosion of sensations! Therefore, two forces seem to attract each other, to create an electrifying impulse in your daily life. First, Invictus Onyx lets your skin breathe a very refreshing marine accord, amplified by grapefruit peel and bay leaf. Then, his heart wants to be more sensual and manly. It combines guaiac wood with ambergris, a more animal ingredient. The latter gives a sexy side to this juice, leaving the impression of a slightly salty skin. Finally,

Who is the new Invictus Onyx for?

You will understand, Invictus Onyx does not lack temperament. It is therefore addressed to all men who like to be noticed. Perfectly suited to strong personalities, it highlights the natural charisma of those who wear it. Invictus Onyx has within him the strength and confidence of a contemporary hero. Kind of ideal to achieve for men, it symbolizes the fantasy of many women!

Paco Rabanne’s new trophy bottle

Invictus Onyx is recognizable from the vision of its bottle. Indeed, it reappropriates many codes of its predecessors, in particular by retaining its emblematic trophy shape. On the other hand, its bluish and transparent color of yesteryear has completely disappeared. Here, black dominates. A marbled effect is also invited on this container. It is a question of evoking onyx. For the record, this mineral material was widely used in Antiquity, especially as an ornamental stone or to make many decorative objects. Once again, Paco Rabanne reaffirms the ancient codes of his fragrance, while giving even more masculinity and power to his visual, by using the most masculine color there is: opaque black.

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