PerfumeMen's PerfumeInvictus Legend, new male perfume Paco Rabanne

Invictus Legend, new male perfume Paco Rabanne


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Invictus Legend, new male perfume Paco Rabanne
Invictus Legend, new male perfume Paco Rabanne

Invictus Legend, new portrait of Paco Rabanne’s undefeated man

With each of his perfumes, the creator Paco Rabanne tells us a real story. Thus, he has become accustomed to making duets of fragrances, forming sorts of iconic couples, and famous around the world. The last duo of Paco Rabanne plays in a timeless register and advocates the victory of body and mind. It is made up of the emblematic Invictus and Olympéa . Today, these essences are reinventing themselves and giving us a new facet of their temperament. For men, Invictus becomes Invictus Legend, giving itself a new spicy breath, as well as a darker bottle.

Invictus Legend offers a more aromatic and spicy scent

Invictus Legend is a truly unique fragrance which transforms the scent of its predecessors, and which acquires a unique personality. Following on from the previous Invictus Aqua and Invictus Intense, this time it relies on a more spicy and aromatic freshness. Invictus Legend also plays on contrasts, daring a fresh and warm association, incisive but syrupy. Invictus Legend is a kind of shivering bite on burning skin. You will understand, it is not made to leave you indifferent. It starts off with the pink and peppery breath of geranium. This flower immediately gives its composition a certain presence. Then, for more freshness, Invictus Legend is loaded with aldehyde. The bay leaf, in turn, plunges us into more aromatic territory. Very subtle, it also releases a floral and almond note. Amber and honey gradually warms the whole, making us switch to a more sensual theme. Finally,

Invictus Legend ad with Nick Youngest
Invictus Legend ad with Nick Youngest

When Paco Rabanne’s trophy darkens

Invictus Legend is always presented to us in a trophy-shaped bottle. It must be said that this bottle quickly became cult! It alone expresses all the art of Paco Rabanne for the diversion of objects. What’s more, what better way to embody glory and triumph than by incorporating this scent into a cup? If the silhouette of Invictus Legend remains substantially the same as the previous Invictus , its glass, on the other hand, takes on a new color. Paco Rabanne has chosen to integrate a midnight blue gradient into it, evolving from a transparent base to a much darker top. Invictus Legend has more mysterious airs than before. The whole rests on a stable base and is also decorated with two metal handles connected to a vaporizer cap.

Invictus Legend, the scent of a determined man

If the smell of Invictus Legend is different from that of its elders, its ambition remains the same. This perfume is intended for all ambitious men, who will stop at nothing and who like to face challenges on a daily basis. Invictus Legend encourages the wearer to surpass themselves. Not devoid of ardor, it nevertheless preserves a certain restraint. Therefore, it appears as a perfect balance between power and wisdom. Invictus Legend Paco Rabanne is the embodiment of a model with universal reach.

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