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BrandInvictus Aqua, the spirit of freshness by Paco Rabanne

Invictus Aqua, the spirit of freshness by Paco Rabanne


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Invictus Aqua, the spirit of freshness by Paco Rabanne
Invictus Aqua, the spirit of freshness by Paco Rabanne

Whether you are a fan of perfume, an initiated connoisseur or simply a man concerned with smelling good, the word Invictus speaks to you. Indeed, the perfume of Paco Rabanne is an essence of unparalleled notoriety . The simple word Invictus is enough to immerse us in the atmosphere of a stadium where virility, mythology and sensuality mingle. Also, if you were already delighted to be able to obtain this essence cheaply on our site, you will be delighted to learn that the Invictus range will soon be enriched with a new essence.

Paco Rabanne takes us to the changing rooms of a legendary stadium

By creating Invictus, Paco Rabanne decided to put sport in the spotlight. It was then a question of man in all his power. Also, the advertising spot accompanying its release presented an athlete in full possession of these means. This was embodied by Australian rugby player Nick Youngquest. It symbolized a male ideal and a fantasy for women. Also, he was at the height of his glory, proudly brandishing a trophy made to a crowd of the most enthusiastic. Euphoria was omnipresent and already presaged a bright future for perfume. Now the atmosphere is calmer. We still hear the noise of the crowd but it is more muffled. The hero Invictus is more withdrawn and resources away from his supporters. He is surrounded by naiads who are there to sprinkle his body with fresh and fragrant water so as to better invigorate it. So that’s exactly what this fragrance is all about: liveliness and dynamism. It is therefore in this logic thatthe Invictus Aqua bottle has the same design as its predecessor. It just sees itself embellished with a thin frosted film on its glass, embodying the icy aspect of its scent.

Invictus Aqua, an invigorating new breath

Although we offer it to you on the cheap, Invictus is a particularly refined perfume. It was born from the imagination of four talented perfumers, namely Véronique Nyberg, Anne Flipo, Olivier Polge and Dominique Ropion. Also, Invictus Aqua remains well in the continuity of this first part and releases the same mastery of scents. What is more, the essential elements are there. However, its freshness seems to be multiplied with this variation. Invictus Aqua draws it from the heart of a marine accord. Already present in the initial version, it is now enhanced with the vegetal scent of violet leaves. The rendering is even more dynamic. Likewise, the citrus tones of grapefruit and yuzu reinforce the energy of this juice. These scents are very zesty and particularly invigorating. Furthermore, Invictus Aqua draws its assertive character from the power of pink pepper. Its base is more woody. Amber woods mingle with the intense scent of ambergris as well as guaiac wood. This noble ingredient is renowned for its strength and embodies all the strength of the hero. Whether he is in the heart of the stadium, his body still warm, or in the locker room, Invictus has it all and promises to conquer the hearts of the public once again.

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