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BrandHow to enhance your complexion with Clarins Multi Eclat...

How to enhance your complexion with Clarins Multi Eclat Powder


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How to enhance your complexion with Clarins Multi Eclat Powder
How to enhance your complexion with Clarins Multi Eclat Powder

Clarins Multi Eclat Powder, the finishing touch to your makeup

It all started on March 15, 1954, in Paris. Clarins is a brand different from the others, which has dedicated its entire existence to female beauty. For her, aesthetics, well-being and health are one. Plants are at the heart of Clarins science and the care formulas provided by this brand therefore incorporate more than 250 plant ingredients. Whether through make-up or cosmetics, Clarins always strives to enhance the natural beauty of women and to preserve it over the long term. As such, we recommend that you try Clarins Multi Eclat Powder, a small airy powder that will perfect the finish of your make-up and improve its hold.

Why finish your makeup with a touch of loose powder?

Make-up necessarily involves the enhancement of his complexion. If the foundation helps to unify the skin, it is not uncommon to see it fade after a few hours. The loose powder allows it to set for longer and also prevents the epidermis from shining. It adapts to all skin types but is even more effective on people who tend to suffer from excess sebum. Acting like a kind of talc, it absorbs it and keeps the skin perfectly clear from early morning until evening. Very mattifying, loose powder is a real asset for making makeup last longer. Often neglected by women, it is nevertheless an essential ally to keep a flawless complexion all day long. What is more, it is a product that is very easy to use and choose. Usually, the loose powder is transparent or designed in a color that adapts to all skin tones. Finally, know that the loose powder protects the epidermis from external aggressions. It perfectly camouflages dilated pores and works wonders!

The Multi Eclat Powder in a few words

Of course, the Multi Eclat Powderis one of the best products on the market. She benefits from all the know-how of the Clarins house and takes care of your skin on an ongoing basis. It is a very fine and light mineral powder that lets the epidermis breathe. As its name suggests, Multi Radiance Powder guarantees the radiance of your skin while giving it a more velvety finish. Thanks to it, you will obtain a peachy skin, a real call to caress! Its soft texture is particularly comfortable. Multi Eclat Powder also prevents the skin from skin aging. Indeed, it limits dehydration and also prevents the feeling of tightness. It preserves the flexibility of the face throughout the day. A true ally of comfort, Multi Eclat Powder strengthens your beauty while taking care of your well-being. It illuminates and mattifies your skin transparently. To apply it, nothing could be simpler: just take a little with a brush and apply a fine veil of Multi Eclat Powder on your face and neck.

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