PerfumeHanae Mori - Purple Butterfly

Hanae Mori – Purple Butterfly


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Hanae Mori’s new Purple Butterfly hatch

Hanae Mori is a talented designer who fascinates as much by her creations as by her extraordinary personality. This has always been associated with the image of a butterfly. In fact, legend has it that the latter landed on his cradle on the day of his birth never to leave it again. Go find out if it’s because its name literally means “flowers of the forest”, whatever the cause, the butterfly has today become the iconic symbol of the Hanae Mori brand. Thus, it comes in a new fragrance elegantly named Purple Butterfly.

The appearance of the butterfly within the Hanae Mori brand

Hanae Mori has always been deeply touched by the beauties of nature. Also, when she decided to create the Butterfly perfume in 1995, she was inspired by reminiscences of the gardens of her childhood. Indeed, it was born in Japan and grew up surrounded by cherry blossoms. It is therefore precisely this poetic image that we find in the Butterfly perfume. This is a concentrate of flowers, wild berries and scents of undergrowth. Moreover, it is from this creation that the designer decided to make the butterfly the emblem of her house. This appeared to be obvious to symbolize a light and airy scented line. Today, Butterfly has been flooding the feminine perfume department for more than 20 years with its seductive scent. It has been available in multiple variants and even got a limited edition on the occasion of its 20th anniversary. Also, Purple Butterfly offers us a new rediscovery of this now emblematic juice. It’s a little as if the chrysalis of this sublime insect opened again before our eyes to intoxicate us with its poetic smell.

The unique scent of Purple Butterfly

As usual, Purple Butterfly is a concentrate of femininity. Moreover, it is displayed even in its bottle. Of course, this retains its initial rectangular shape. The whole is surmounted by a cabochon in the form of translucent wings. A knot nevertheless hangs at the level of its collar as if to sublimate the whole. Likewise, its glass walls make a particularly bewitching gradient from purple to pale pink evolve. Moreover, this color is found even on the colorful packaging of this juice, this time embellished with golden butterflies. When it comes to scents, femininity is more present than ever. Purple Butterfly lets blow a powdery and airy breeze based on violet. Likewise, this effect is further accentuated by one of the most noble flowers in the world: the iris. This luxurious ingredient is also accompanied by the rose, queen of flowers par excellence, giving birth here to an unequaled burst of sensuality. The whole darkens then little by little to reveal to us a trail based on mysterious woody notes still sublimated by a hint of patchouli.

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