BrandGuerlainHabit Rouge, Guerlain's olfactory rider

Habit Rouge, Guerlain’s olfactory rider


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Habit Rouge, Guerlain's olfactory rider
Habit Rouge, Guerlain’s olfactory rider

Jean-Paul Guerlain’s love for horseback riding

Jean-Paul Guerlain is, like his elders, a horse-riding enthusiast. Indeed, the entire Guerlain dynasty has a special love for the equestrian world.. Jean-Paul Guerlain was also an outstanding trainer. He also very often frequented the bridle paths of the forest of Rambouillet in the early morning. Now, one day he saw a man appear. “It was, in a flash, the furtive appearance of the strident red of the tunic of a man whose energetic hand gripped the reins of a thoroughbred. Had I dreamed? Yet there floated in the wake of the red coat, disturbing autumnal scents mingled with a sensual scent of leather and tobacco. Habit Rouge was born in me. This is how the inspiration for this iconic 1965 juice appeared. You will understand, Habit Rouge is a tribute to the traditional clothing of riders going up in show jumping or going hunting with hounds.

The tobacco scent of Habit Rouge

Habit Rouge is a fragrance of contrasts combining the freshness of citrus fruits and the warmth of the undergrowth. Its start juxtaposes citrus notes such as bergamot, bitter orange, tangerine, lemon and lime. In this sense, Habit Rouge has false airs of Cologne. Then, this freshness quickly fades in favor of a more balsamic accord. This one is full of leather and vanilla. These warm and sweet ingredients give the whole an intense sensuality. Then, the horseback ride continues in the depths of a wood. Habit Rouge thus gives off scents of birch and patchouli. Habit Rouge is an essential juice in perfumery. It is the very first oriental fragrance for men to have seen the light of day. Likewise, it has a direct affiliation with the emblematic Shalimar of Guerlain. Habit Rouge fits into the hollow of a square glass bottle. This one displays its assertive temperament via sharp edges. Its intense red label contrasts with the whole. The whole is at the same time insolent, fiery but very elegant. Moreover, Habit Rouge has adopted the same appearance since its release. Despite its past 50 years of existence, it does not seem to have aged a bit and still portrays to us the image of a very refined man.

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