PerfumeGuess 1981 Indigo Femme, the brand's feminine fragrance

Guess 1981 Indigo Femme, the brand’s feminine fragrance


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Guess 1981 Indigo Femme, the brand's feminine fragrance
Guess 1981 Indigo Femme, the brand’s feminine fragrance

1981 Indigo Femme, when the story of Guess takes the form of a feminine perfume

For more than 35 years, the Guess house has been vibrating the hearts of young generations in search of relaxation and elegance. From a family business, Guess has become a luxury giant, whose reputation is present all over the world. Guess embodies the American dream for many. Its history, although recent, has already been marked by many successes. However, if there was to be only one centerpiece in his laundry, it would undoubtedly be jeans. It is therefore to pay tribute to him that Guess developed the 1981 Woman perfume .

1981 Indigo Femme, jeans make their way to perfumery

As the name of this perfume suggests, 1981 Indigo Femme echoes the history of the Guess brand. Indeed, it was in 1981 that it all started… The Marciano brothers were born in Morocco. Nevertheless, they quickly left their native land to reach France, and more specifically the region of Marseille. This is where they first worked in the fashion world. Then, in 1981, they decided to leave Europe to join the United States.

There, they made their first jeans, in European style. This innovation was immediately noticed and the success was instantaneous! Since then, even if the Guess range has grown considerably, jeans remain its centerpiece, the one that initiated its current notoriety. This is why jeans are omnipresent in the 1981 Indigo Femme fragrance. A blue pattern, similar to that of light jeans, covers its cardboard case.

The latter is torn on its front face, displaying his name, as well as a little rebellious side. The 1981 Indigo Femme bottle plays in a more elegant register. Here too, light blue is very present. This is the color of its juice, seen in the transparency of its base. This limpid glass is here associated with a very contemporary chromed metal stopper. In contrast, the 1981 Indigo Femme bottle assembles a cylindrical base with an octagonal cap. Although very harmonious, it does not lack daring, just like the woman who wears this perfume!

1981 Indigo Femme, a fragrance with boundless energy

1981 Indigo Femme is intended for a woman bursting with energy, lively and daring. Young and sexy, this perfume is not lacking in temperament and is fully in line with the heritage of Guess. Floral and woody, it offers a stimulating breath on a daily basis. Its top notes thus begin with the scent of a fresh mist, as if coming straight from the Pacific. California lilac is also present, as if to echo Guess’ American origins. A fig nectar gives the whole more greed. From then on, the heart of 1981 Indigo Femme becomes much more floral. He assembles the narcissus, the blue lotus and the white iris. At the bottom, woody flavors dominate. 1981 Indigo Femme ends with a duet of Haitian vetiver and cedar wood.

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