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BrandGuerlain's secret to glowing eyes: Fluid Eye Liner

Guerlain’s secret to glowing eyes: Fluid Eye Liner


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Guerlain's secret to glowing eyes: Fluid Eye Liner

Create a glowing gaze with Guerlain Fluid Eye Liner

Eyeliner is not a makeup product like any other. It is a great beauty classic, both chic and delicate, and quite simply timeless. It is a must have for women who are sophisticated but in a hurry. Indeed, a simple line of eyeliner is enough to dress the eyes. Today it is one of the most ancestral makeup products. Born in the days of Ancient Egypt, it has evolved greatly but still brings happiness to women all over the planet. In Europe, it was rediscovered in the 1920s. Today, it is one of the favorite products of women. Focus on Guerlain Fluid Eye Liner.

Guerlain Fluid Eye Liner, for make-up worthy of sublime calligraphy

Guerlain Fluid Eye Liner comes in a small transparent vial topped with an elegant golden applicator decorated with the Guerlain name. Inside, this small container contains a brush specifically designed to deliver the right amount of product. Easy to handle, Guerlain Fluid Eye Liner is applied with a delicate and precise gesture. Its layout nevertheless requires a certain dexterity. However, as long as you master its technique, Guerlain Eye Liner Fluide will give you an impeccable line. Its fluid and silky texture glides very easily on the skin. Thus, this product does not irritate the eyelid and ensures optimal comfort. Her outfit is just as impeccable. Guerlain Fluid Eye Linercontains particularly shiny flexible and sheathing polymers which only increase the power of its color. Moreover, the Fluid Eye Liner is very loaded with colored pigments. It exalts an intensity and depth out of the ordinary. To give free rein to your desires, it is available in three different colors: Ebony Black, Ultramarine Blue or Ash Brown.

How to properly apply your Fluid Eye Liner?

Guerlain Fluid Eye Liner is a product that will give you results worthy of a professional if you know how to use it. Indeed, to obtain a route worthy of the name, it requires some training. Start by shaking the bottle well before use. Then, put its small brush at the root of your eyelashes, on your upper eyelid. Stretch your line by proceeding in two successive steps. Start by stretching your skin outward using your index finger. Then draw a first line from the outer corner of your eye to the center of your eyelid. Then draw another line from the inner corner of your eye to its center. Make these two lines come together. For a more captivating look, feel free to accentuate the comma on the outside of your look.

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