Beauty CareGuerlain's iconic anti-aging Super Aqua Serum

Guerlain’s iconic anti-aging Super Aqua Serum


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Guerlain's iconic anti-aging Super Aqua Serum
Guerlain’s iconic anti-aging Super Aqua Serum

All of Guerlain’s anti-aging expertise at the heart of Super Aqua Sérum

The Guerlain house is not only a renowned perfumer. She is also an expert in the art of taking care of your skin. For this, it relies above all on the hydration of the skin. Indeed, all beauty professionals agree that this is an essential gesture to protect your skin surface from the harmful effects of time. When the epidermis is subjected to severe strain, it tends to dry out. However, it is at this moment that the first wrinkles appear. So that your skin no longer reflects your age, Guerlain has therefore designed the Super Aqua Sérum, a concentrate of efficiency and power at the service of the youth of your skin.

The intense hydration contained in the Super Aqua Serum

The Super Aqua Sérum is an anti-aging product that focuses on moisturizing power to protect your body from the harmful effects of time. Note that this treatment belongs to a large family of products, a true Guerlain best-seller for more than 25 years. In other words, the Super Aqua range has proven itself overwhelmingly. It contains cellular water which relaunches the flow of hydration and youth in your body. The Super Aqua Serum provides your epidermis with sufficient hydration to enable it to fight against dryness, external aggressions and the appearance of the first wrinkles. Thanks to it, the skin is better hydrated and at the same time it becomes more resistant. What’s more, when the skin is saturated with enough water, it also appears softer, more plump and more beautiful. Wrinkles are reduced and your face looks plumped. It regains a smoother surface, a radiant shine, more freshness and rebound. Finally, a little extra that makes the difference, know that the Super Aqua Sérum is also enriched with a subtle floral and fresh scent. It contains water flowers, jasmine and ylang-ylang.

The proven effectiveness of Super Aqua Serum

Clinical tests have been set up by Guerlain to determine the effectiveness of Super Aqua Sérum. After 30 hours of use, skin hydration is improved by 72% and wrinkles are already reduced by 27%. Of course, these effects are further amplified after a month of treatment with Super Aqua Sérum. 94% of women who have used this product believe that their face is smoother and more radiant. 88% of them emphasize the plumped appearance of their skin. For such effectiveness, all you need to do is use Guerlain’s Super Aqua Sérum on your entire face and neck morning and evening, performing light smoothing massage movements on your skin, so as to stimulate its microcirculation. . The Super Aqua Serum is applied to a previously cleansed and dried face and is suitable for all skin types for daily use.

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