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Beauty CareGuerlain Terracotta sun protection

Guerlain Terracotta sun protection


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Guerlain Terracotta sun protection
Guerlain Terracotta sun protection

Terracotta Sun Protect, when Guerlain’s flagship product becomes sun care

It was in 1984 that Guerlain created a small revolution in the make-up department by creating the famous Terracotta . The idea was simple: to create the effect of “three weeks of tanning in three seconds”. The success was absolutely dazzling and Terracotta remains to this day one of the best-selling beauty products in the world. To give you an idea, a Terracotta powder is sold every 20 seconds or so on the planet. Faced with the public’s enthusiasm for it, Guerlain has decided to decline this product in other assorted skincare products. This is how the brand new tanning accelerator was born: Terracotta Sun Protect.

The advantages of Terracotta Sun Protect

Terracotta Sun Protect is a product containing multiple qualities. Indeed, it is just as suitable for city use as for sun exposure on vacation. Its formula is available in varying degrees of protection, thus adapting to all skin tones. Terracotta Sun Protect alone combines three actions. This fights against UV radiation, photoaging and the harmful effects of pollution. Likewise, it speeds up tanning and is ideally designed to resist humidity. Finally, because a Guerlain product would be nothing without an exquisite fragrance, note that Terracotta Sun Protect is enriched with tiare flowers. Thus, its simple breath is enough to transport us to an exotic elsewhere.

The ingredients contained in Terracotta Sun Protect

To achieve such results, the formula of Terracotta Sun Protect erects many natural ingredients . First of all, it contains several UVA and UVB filters. These are highly effective and help the skin protect itself from sunburn. Guerlain’s Natur ‘Protect complex, for its part, is composed of shea polyphenols, gently neutralizing environmental polluting particles such as chlorine, and exhaust gases or nicotine. Thus, the skin is immediately purified and the tan can express all its radiance. Finally, Guerlain’s Tan Booster, made from the carob tree, a Mediterranean tree, helps stimulate the natural production of melanin. As a result, Terracotta Sun Protect increases the effects of tanning and helps to prolong it.

Guerlain application advice

Terracotta Sun Protect is applied generously to the skin, just as much on the face as on the body, just before sun exposure. However, for optimal effectiveness, it is essential to renew the application on a regular basis, especially if you are swimming or sweating.

However, even when using Terracotta Sun Protect, the skin remains sensitive to the sun’s rays. Thus, overexposure remains harmful to health and it is essential not to stay too long in the sun, especially between noon and 4 p.m. Likewise, be aware that this product is not suitable for children.

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