BrandGuerlainGuerlain perfume L'Homme Idéal Cologne

Guerlain perfume L’Homme Idéal Cologne


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Guerlain perfume L'Homme Idéal Cologne
Guerlain perfume L’Homme Idéal Cologne

L’Homme Idéal Cologne Guerlain, the perfume of Prince Charming?

And no Ladies, do not dream, the ideal man does not exist. On the other hand, Guerlain had the good idea to make it a perfume ! Not devoid of humor, this essence plays on the idyllic vision of the perfect man according to women. Shouldn’t he be “smart, good-looking, and strong”? In any case, it is from this premise that the Guerlain house set out to make its perfume. With a good dose of second degree, Guerlain has tried to create a concentrate of the ideal. L’Homme Idéal Cologne doesn’t want to make you the best but simply dares to bring out your best assets. The idea, with her, is quite simply to make men happy for who they really are.

L’Homme Idéal Cologne, the fragrance of boundless energy

With L’Homme Idéal Cologne, the least we can say is that the ideal man does not lack liveliness. It is a particularly fresh and tangy composition and very appreciated on hot summer days or simply to accompany your daily movements. Non-heady, L’Homme Idéal Cologne sets off on a blend of citrus fruits, and more particularly grapefruit, orange and bergamot. It nevertheless becomes smoother on contact with the almond. Neroli increases its solar luminosity. Finally, its enveloping and woody base brings together white musk and vetiver. L’Homme Idéal Cologne is presented to us in a bottle similar to that of its predecessor.

For the occasion, and for more purity, it simply coated a more dazzling matte white cover. The result is a very clean and particularly contemporary visual.

The Guerlain house, boosted by the success of L’Homme Idéal Eau de Toilette, is launching a new version of this legendary perfume launched last year

Cologne L'Homme Idéal by Guerlain
Cologne L’Homme Idéal by Guerlain

The Ideal Man Cologne

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Fragrance – L’Homme Idéal Cologne

This Cologne version of the Ideal Man the fragrance is tangy, energizing thanks to the sparkling head notes formed by grapefruit, orange, and bergamot. The fresh almond blush notes of the perfume is associated with neroli which forms the heart of the fragrance and the charm of this Cologne edition. The base is enveloping, we find the softness of white musk and the strength of Indian Vetiver.

Guerlain creates a concentrate of the ideal for today’s men, Guerlain L’Homme Idéal Cologne responds to the aspirations of modern man.

Bottle – L’Homme Idéal Cologne

The bottle is revisited, here it looks white, matte, dazzling, which underlines the clean lines of the L’Homme Idéal bottle. The hood is also colored in a resolutely masculine matt white, it is heavy and decorated with intertwined lines reminiscent of the guilloché pattern used in the world of watchmaking. The case has been redesigned, it is dressed in an energy blue, the QR code is still present and invites you on a new olfactory journey.

Olfactory Family: Hesperide – Woody

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Orange, Bergamot
Heart Notes: Fresh Almond, Neroli Base
Notes: White Musks, Indian Vetiver

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