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BrandGuerlainGuerlain perfume L'Automne

Guerlain perfume L’Automne


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Guerlain perfume L'Automne
Guerlain perfume L’Automne

Autumn invites itself into Guerlain’s Four Seasons

Autumn is a special season. For some, such as Jacques Prévert in his poem, it evokes sadness, the end of sunny days, nostalgia and a sometimes gloomy atmosphere. For others, photographers for example, it is synonymous with an explosion of copper colors, conducive to the most beautiful walks and an enchantment of the eyes. Also, it would seem that it is under this aspect that the Guerlain house perceived it. Indeed, the brand has just developed an assortment of four fragrances called the Four Seasons. Of course, Autumn is one of them and already promises to enchant you with its magical look and its elegant and woody scent.

The prestigious design of the new Guerlain perfume

The enchantment of L’Automne perfume begins even before removing its cabochon. The sight of its bottle thus arouses a real fascination. This one reappropriates a myth of Guerlainand is inspired by the Baccarat “Qaudrilobe” signature, which has been emblematic of the brand since 1908. The L’Automne bottle thus seems to celebrate French know-how. Multi-faceted and playing with transparency, it reveals a beautiful orange juice. Its copper tones similar to those of autumn are also matched with a fine asymmetrical brown sheer curtain evoking the typical cracked leaves of Autumn. The whole is also topped with a brown silk thread held by an elegant tassel. The set was decorated by designer Janaïna Milheiro, a Brazilian living in Paris and specializing in fabric confections. What is more, note that Guerlain has seen the big picture and that the brand has also thought of collectors. In addition, each of the scents of the Four Seasons, including L’Automne, comes curled up in a 500 ml bottle. Each season has only 21 copies already estimated at a small fortune. The latter undoubtedly have something to delight fine connoisseurs of perfumes who love beautiful things.

The smell of Autumn

But then, what about the scent of L’Automne and above all, does it keep all its promises? This perfume was developed by the talented Thierry Wasser, official nose of the Guerlain house since 2006. He is the only designer not to have the name of Guerlain and to owe his salvation only to his talent. He thought of Autumn in floral and woody tones. After all, what better way to symbolize this time of year? The whole rushes on the dynamism of citrus fruits before evolving towards a noble and refined heart. This contains one of the most prestigious plants in the perfume department: the iris. The latter combines its woody flavors with a sustained surge of vetiver as well as the spicy tones of cedar. Finally, everything turns out to be more and more vibrant and intense. Autumn ends with a very robust blend of patchouli and moss. The tonka bean nevertheless softens the whole, leaving behind a creamy and enveloping sensation.

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