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Guerlain parfum Le Printemps


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Guerlain perfume Spring
Guerlain perfume Spring

A Spring tune sounds at Guerlain

If we are to believe Guerlain’s terracotta and its make-up available in four shades, it seems that the Guerlain house is fond of the Four Seasons. In addition, this is not the first time that she has declined this theme. However, it is more usually on the side of bronzing powders. However, today, the latter returns but is now available in an assortment of four flavors. You will understand, the latter is called Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. They are designed to accompany you throughout the year and to match your most beautiful outfits with a scent that sticks wonderfully to the surrounding climate. Focus on Le Printemps.

The takeover of an emblematic Guerlain bottle

If The Spring of the Four Seasons by Guerlainand a perfume similar to an enchantment, it is first of all thanks to its sublime bottle. This is a limited edition intended more particularly for collectors and lovers of beautiful things. In addition, Printemps is presented here in a bottle with the Baccarat signature “Qaudrilobe”. It is the very expression of the olfactory heritage of Guerlain bottled. Indeed, this case has been a true signature of the Guerlain house since 1908. It celebrates French know-how and is particularly decorated for the occasion. It was decorated with multiple small corollas similar to multicolored flowers. Its collar, meanwhile, is covered with an absolutely elegant turquoise thread and slightly matched to its sea green hue. Everything was done by designer Janaïna Milheiro, a specialist in textile creations, originally from Brazil and based in Paris. The latter is used to combining feathers, fabrics and embroidery in each of her creations and her creative approach has been nourished by the practice of various textile techniques. However, it is precisely this that we find on the sublime bottle of Printemps de Guerlain.

The fresh and summery scent of Spring

Bien évidemment, comme le suggère son nom, ce nouvel opus parfumé des Quatre Saisons de Guerlain est une ode au Printemps. En ce sens, il s’agit d’un jus floral et frais. Il débute par un assemblage juteux de bergamote et de jacinthe. Le tout s’avère être particulièrement vivifiant tout en conservant une extrême élégance. D’ailleurs, cette fleur ouvre la voie à un énorme bouquet présent en son cœur. Celui-ci s’avère être très romantique et aérien. Il associe le freesia, la rose bulgare et le cyclamen. Enfin, le tout s’achève sur cette lignée et laisse derrière lui une sensation de propre émanant des muscs blancs. Le tout est signé Thierry Wasser, nez officiel de la maison Guerlain depuis 2006. Celui-ci semble avoir mis dans cette bouteille toute son authenticité, son audace et sa spontanéité. Ce fils spirituel de la maison Guerlain signe ici un parfum séduisant, particulièrement féminin et semblable à une brassée de fleurs fraîches. Enfin, les collectionneurs seront ravis de savoir que 21 bouteilles seulement de chaque saison ont été créées dans un format de 500 ml, de quoi ravir les amateurs de rareté !

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