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BrandGuerlain imagines a new Rouge G to personalize

Guerlain imagines a new Rouge G to personalize


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Guerlain imagines a new Rouge G to personalize

Rouge G, opt for a lipstick in your image!

Guerlain has been supporting women in their beauty treatment for over a century. If the brand is above all famous for its perfumes, it has gained equally important notoriety in the art of make-up and skincare. Its range of products is particularly extensive. However, among its flood of bestsellers, Guerlain has nevertheless chosen to offer us a last novelty. This time, the brand has decided to make your lipstick more personal. How about owning a practical and stylish little tube that perfectly matches your image? Its Rouge G is completely customizable , both in terms of lipstick and in terms of design.

Personalize your lipstick tube with Guerlain

Once is not customary: the real noveltyof this product lies rather in its design. Indeed, the Rouge G is revealed in a unique and completely customizable setting. It is presented in a kind of ovoid tube whose cover can be changed at will. Its silver base matches a cap on which it is possible to integrate the texture and color of your choice. Thus, you can even order only the Rouge G box, without the lipstick, in order to harmonize its look with the rest of your outfit or with your small evening clutch. What’s more, on the practical side, Guerlain has thought of everything! The brand has also integrated a mirror in this new generation cap. So, thanks to Rouge G, you can easily reapply your makeup, wherever you are.

The many colors of Rouge G customizable
The many colors of Rouge G customizable

The many colors of Rouge G

While the Rouge G container comes in many forms, its lipstick itself is also available in an infinite number of shades. Its colors evolve from the most nude to the most extravagant, so as to meet all your desires. Guerlain’s Rouge G is thus unveiled in a multitude of styles, from the most trendy and innovative to the most timeless. All these colors have in common that they are loaded with colored pigments. These are sealed in a creamy formula with strong reflective power. Therefore, thanks to this Guerlain lipstick, your lips display a long-lasting color, remaining intense and luminous throughout the day.

Guerlain skincare in addition to Rouge G

Finally, to take care of your smile over the long term, know that Rouge G also contains many natural active ingredients . Polymers of plant origin enhance the natural appearance of your lips. Jojoba and mango butter help to nourish them sustainably and make them more flexible. Rouge G is the ideal ally to reinforce the comfort of your lips. In order to sublimate them over time, it also contains hyaluronic acid and gugul resin, two ingredients that plump the mouth. Finally, a little touch of Guerlain obliges: Rouge G gives off a sweet enveloping fragrance, slightly vanilla, floral and sparkling.

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