BrandGuerlain Christmas 2016 look

Guerlain Christmas 2016 look


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Guerlain Christmas 2016 look
Guerlain Christmas 2016 look

The soul of the iconic Shalimar in the new Make-up Holliday 2016 collection from Guerlain

In this year 2016, Guerlain is once again reappropriating one of its greatest scent myths: the iconic Shalimar perfume. He was born in 1925, in the midst of the Roaring Twenties. It is characteristic of the opulence of its time and delivers to us in a bottle all the Guerlain family’s love for India. Also, after having been declined in multiple scented versions, this one returns, in a collection of make-up called Guerlain Holiday Makeup 2016. The latter takes us directly into an exotic, sunny and romantic universe while associating it with the many benefits of Guerlain products.

The protagonists of the new Holliday 2016 Collection

This unique Guerlain collection was actually created by model Natalia Vodionova, in collaboration with Olivier Echaudemaison, creative director of Guerlain. Natalia Vodionova is one of the highest paid models on the planet. If her poor childhood spent in Russia did not predestinate her to such success, she was for many years the muse of Guerlain, incarnating the Shalimar perfume. Thus, she wanted to pay tribute to this collaboration and explains that she “wanted to name [her] first collection Shalimar, in homage to the fragrance for which [she was] the muse for eight years”. Natalia Vodionova wanted to symbolize her strong link with the Guerlain brand.

The multiple products contained in the 2016 Guerlain Make-up Collection

This make-up collection notably contains a flagship product called Souffle d’Or by Shalimar . It is a perfume for the body and the hair delivering a golden powder of a simple breath associated with a succulent oriental scent. This one is reminiscent of its predecessor, Shalimar Souffle de Perfume, released in 2014. Souffle d’Or by Shalimar contains in particular bergamot, orange blossom and vanilla. What’s more, it comes in a very elegant bottle matched with a spray pear with a retro look.

This is completed with a bronzer called Terracotta Terra India. The latter takes up Guerlain’s emblematic terracotta and will give you a sunny look all year round. Likewise, the many illuminating pearls of the Holliday Collection will also give more radiance to your face.

A bright lipstick also completes this assortment. It is presented in a futuristic chrome-colored box and already promises to sublimate your smile with its particularly shimmering color. This is essential that Natalia Vodionova says she is particularly fond of. She says she always has a tube in her handbag so that she can do small make-up touch-ups throughout the day.

Likewise, Guerlain has also thought about the beauty of your eyes. This Holliday 2016 Collection contains an eye shadow composed of two shades similar to those present on the Souffle d’Or bottle by Shalimar: a sapphire blue associated with a golden color. Finally, the whole can also be matched with a tip of gold eyeliner for a particularly luxurious and bewitching look.

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