BrandGuerlain Anti-Dark Circles Multi-Perfection Corrector Moisturizing

Guerlain Anti-Dark Circles Multi-Perfection Corrector Moisturizing


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Guerlain Anti-Dark Circles Multi-Perfection Corrector Moisturizing
Guerlain Anti-Dark Circles Multi-Perfection Corrector Moisturizing

The history of the Guerlain brand begins when Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain opened his first boutique in Paris in 1828, rue de Rivoli. The perfumes are then personalized for each customer, as well as their bottle. In 1840, the brand moved to rue de la Paix, a very popular place at that time. In 1842, Guerlain was the supplier of perfumes to all the courts of Europe. Queen Victoria, Queen of Hungary and even the Tsar of Russia have awarded him the title of “Official Supplier”. With its unique know-how and its 6 generations of perfumers, the Guerlain house is one of the most representative brands of beauty. Here, Guerlain presents “Anti-Dark Circles Corrector Multi-Perfection Moisturizing-Flouteur”.

Guerlain Anti-Dark Circles Corrector Multi-Perfection Moisturizing- Blurring, all the benefits of a moisturizing concealer

Guerlain has imagined the “Anti-Dark Circles Corrector Multi-Perfection Hydrating” to correct with a care action , your dark circles and all your imperfections, for a perfect and natural result. Its formula immediately blurs dark circles and imperfections while its skincare complex reduces the appearance of bags under the eyes. Imperfections are immediately erased and areas of dryness are also hydrated. Its active care products effectively minimize the appearance of dark circles. Your Guerlain concealer is also the combination of natural fibers, to mask redness and imperfections, with moisturizing agents necessary to rehydrate areas of dryness. The Guerlain Multi-Perfection Corrector comes in the form of a 12ml tube.

The delicate fragrance of Guerlain Anti-Dark Circles Corrector Multi-Perfection Moisturizing- Blurring

The Guerlain Multi-Perfection Corrector is characterized by its delicate floral fragrance. The first peach note mixes with an accord of vegetal notes bringing fresh and sparkling tones. Its heart composed of rose, raspberry and jasmine will meet a powdery base of balsamic benzoin and white musk. To get the best out of your Guerlain concealer, it is advisable to apply it to dark circles or imperfections in small touches before or after your foundation. Then blend gently with your fingertips. To choose the color of your concealer, it is advisable to opt for a shade that matches your skin tone or slightly lighter. Guerlain concealer is available in 6 different shades.

Guerlain “Anti-Dark Circles Corrector Multi-Perfection Moisturizing-Flouteur” is both a concealer and a moisturizer. Not only does it hydrate all areas of dryness, but it also covers your dark circles and imperfections in a single gesture. Revolutionary, Guerlain hydrating concealer ensures a perfect face all day long.

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