BrandGentlemen Only Absolute, the new vision of elegance

Gentlemen Only Absolute, the new vision of elegance


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Gentlemen Only Absolute, the new vision of elegance
Gentlemen Only Absolute, the new vision of elegance

Gentlemen Only is undoubtedly one of the most famous perfumes in all men’s perfumery . Indeed, it has been three years since men seem unable to resist his little English flask tinged with blue. Well, know that it will very soon be available again. Gentlemen Only Absolute will make its debut by August 2016 and will be presented in a black, matt and opaque bottle. Its look thus becomes similar to a sober and elegant suit. Indeed, Gentlemen Only Absolute is already presented as “the best of the Gentlemen of Givenchy”, a concentrate of chic with innate elegance.

The history of the Gentlemen of Givenchy

The story of the new Gentlemen Only Absolute takes us back to 1975. Indeed, it was at this time that Hubert de Givenchy decided to add a third men’s eau de toilette to his catalog. In addition, this visionary believed that men were changing, suddenly becoming true lovers of perfumes. It must be said that May 1968 had passed through this and that the traditional order of things was very often upset. Gentleman then marked a profound change within men’s perfumery. Its powerful and elegant scent had nothing to do with the fresh colognes known until then. However, his daring immediately appealed to men and Gentleman over time became a timeless perfume.

Also, in 2013, Givenchy decided to revisit this cult perfume and introduced us to Gentlemen Only. It was then an elegant fragrance in all circumstances, combining in the same bottle an assumed masculinity, an unusual impertinence and unparalleled courtesy. Success was then again at the rendezvous. It was therefore reinterpreted in 2014 in the form of Gentlemen Only Intense as well as in 2015 with Gentlemen Only Casual Chic. Nevertheless, the all new Gentlemen Only Absolute still seems to have pushed the refinement of the Givenchy man to its limits.

Gentlemen Only Absolute, the new man from Givenchy

Côté senteurs, Gentlemen Only Absolute est une véritable claque. Il s’envole sur des notes de bergamote. En effet, cet ingrédient possède des qualités exceptionnelles. Il a la propriété rare de fixer les différents arômes des parfums qui en contiennent tout en conférant à chaque composition une note de fraîcheur particulière, à la fois vive et intense. Puis, cet agrume est relayé par un cœur chargé d’épices. Celui-ci est gorgé de cannelle, un ingrédient à la senteur chaude, sucrée, poudrée et boisée. De même, la muscade d’Indonésie apporte ses tonalités sèches et poivrées à l’ensemble.

C’est alors que l’un des ingrédients les plus chers au monde fait son apparition. Le safran enrichit le tout de sa noblesse atypique et marginale. Cet or rouge libère ici ses effluves cuirés, goudronnés et miellés pour un rendu d’une grande complexité. Le tout s’achève néanmoins par un sillage plus velouté. Gentlemen Only Absolute devient plus crémeux grâce à la présence de bois de santal. La vanille, quant à elle, vient alors sublimer le tout de son exotisme sensuel et suave.

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