BrandKenzoFlower Eau de Lumière, a truly magical fragrance

Flower Eau de Lumière, a truly magical fragrance


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Flower Eau de Lumière, a truly magical fragrance
Flower Eau de Lumière, a truly magical fragrance

The Kenzo house is famous for its poetry and absolute femininity. These elements are omnipresent in each of the articles composed by the brand. Nevertheless, they are the real spearhead of the Flower By Kenzo fragrance range. However, this time, it seems that Kenzo has chosen to work around the luminous, powerful and energetic aura of the poppy. The brand has chosen to give a little sister to its iconic perfume. It is now called Flower By Kenzo Eau de Lumière. So let’s see if this new fragrance is up to its predecessor, a legendary fragrance.

Flower By Kenzo Eau de Lumière, the return of an iconic bottle

On the one hand, let’s start by noting that Flower By Kenzo Eau de Lumière immediately shows its belonging to the great Kenzo family. Indeed, it takes the silhouette of its predecessors. This is the work of one of the greatest designers of our time: Serge Mansau. Thus, although having 20 years of existence, this bottle does not seem to have aged a bit. This one has simply been lit up with a few golden undertones. Likewise, its amber juice perfectly echoes the solar aspect of its essence. Thus, Kenzo displays here a perfect harmony between its visual and its olfactory recipe.

The solar radiation of the new Kenzo

Flower By Kenzo Eau de Lumière is a fragrance very inspired by its predecessors. Thus, it takes the very feminine aura of the latter. Nevertheless, it is presented here in its most balanced and radiant facet. Flower By Kenzo Eau de Lumière is a fragrance that is both very, refined and carnal. It begins with a fresh scent of Calabrian bergamot. Its heart, meanwhile, is more floral. It highlights the rose and jasmine, two ingredients that are among the most used in women’s perfumery. Finally, it all ends with a sensual scent of white musk. Everything is signed by two particularly recognized perfumers, namely Alberto Morillas and Amandine Marie. Once again, Kenzo seems to be delivering the best of nature to us here.

The unusual advertising for Flower By Kenzo Eau de Lumière

Finally, let us also note that Kenzo did not lack originality in advertising. The brand has chosen to use Cinemagraph to sublimate Flower By Kenzo Eau de Lumière. The whole constitutes a visual and hybrid format halfway between photography and video. In this case, this technique isolates part of the image and animates it while the rest of the screen remains fixed, like a classic photo. A particularly popular technique, it was produced here by the Strasbourg photographer Julien Douvier. All of this reveals a particularly poetic vision of the world. Thus, no less than 15 different Cinemagraphs have been produced by Kenzo. The latter portray the Asian model Ming Xi for a rendering that is both very modern and full of daring.

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