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PerfumeFlorabotanica by Balenciaga, the scent of a dreamlike world

Florabotanica by Balenciaga, the scent of a dreamlike world


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Florabotanica by Balenciaga, the scent of a dreamlike world
Florabotanica by Balenciaga, the scent of a dreamlike world

Florabotanica is a fragrance from the house of Balenciaga, produced with the collaboration of Nicolas Ghesquière, the artistic director of the fashion house. To describe this perfume, this one will say that it is “a secret garden where one finds surprising flowers which exceed the imagination. They are beautiful, but are they so harmless? Flowers can be cruel, carnivorous or poisonous, contain poisons. » Florabotanica takes us into a dreamlike universe where white flowers take us from surprise to surprise. Also, her muse is also a regular in fantastic universes since it is the very famous Kristen Stewart, the actress of Twilight.

The imaginary gardens of Balenciaga

Florabotanica takes us to a fantastic and intriguing world. Here, the flowers offer a unique sensory experience. As soon as we get drunk with its scent, Florabotanica invites us into a sort of botanical garden where a multitude of rare and bewitching plants mingle. Their colors are strange, their provenance is unknown or very distant, and their smell is succulent. Also, it is difficult to say if these are simply enchanting or even poisonous. Their aesthetics are perfect, but isn’t it dangerous to trust such a disturbing appearance? Florabotanica combines charm and mystery wonderfully. It embodies the pleasure of exploring a new world and tells the story of enigmatic beauty.

Also, it is the very famous Kristen Stewart who is responsible for taking us to this magical place. We then find the new muse of Balenciaga in an advertisement where she appears particularly sexy. Naked and in profile, she offers us a pose worthy of a real model. In addition, it pierces us with its glance of embers and transports us instantly. Colorful flowers adorn its back while all the rest of the decor is in black and white. The rendering is very enigmatic and the beauty seems to be like its fragrance: “Beautiful and Dangerous” (* beautiful and dangerous)

Florabotanica is a bouquet of roses

Florabotanica is a perfume imagined by Olivier Polge and Jean-Christophe Hérault. They then wanted to reinvent the scent of rose. They worked on it in an experimental way and to make it even more captivating. Here, it is seen in its bucolic aspect. On the contrary, it is rather perceived as a deceptive flower with sharp thorns It is accompanied by the spicier side of the carnation. Likewise, it is associated with vetiver, amber and caladium leaves. This gives it a darker, woody and mysterious appearance. In short, it is a flower that lacks neither daring nor character. In addition, mint is also present and gives it a real boost of dynamism coupled with a fresh breath.

Also, the design of the Florbotanica bottle is just as hypnotic. This is a very couture glass cube and quite heavy in appearance. Its last surprises us then by the presence of its cylindrical tube plunged in its center. He seems to want to go to the heart of the flowers, as if to better understand and observe them. It is covered with black and white stripes, emblematic signature of the Cristobal Balenciaga house. On the side, the glass is lacquered in red and blue. The colors respond to each other and are therefore reminiscent of the plaques found in botanists’ laboratories… Quite a symbol!

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