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BrandDiorFahrenheit, the cologne of Christian Dior

Fahrenheit, the cologne of Christian Dior


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Fahrenheit, the cologne of Christian Dior
Fahrenheit, the cologne of Christian Dior

Fahrenheit Cologne by Dior, a legendary fragrance brought up to date

Fahrenheit is described as a real olfactory shock associating the violet, surprisingly feminine, with a mysteriously woody and leathery accord, much more masculine. Immediately recognized for its power and beauty, it is today ranked among the essential fragrances of the Dior house. Also, in 2016, 28 years after its appearance, a new version will see the light of day. In a few weeks, Fahrenheit Cologne will come to life, bringing with it its share of freshness. It promises to delight fans of the fragrance while enhancing the latter with a most invigorating note.

The freshness of Fahrenheit Cologne

Upon its release in 1988, Fahrenheit was described as a fragrance inspired by natural elements, namely water, earth, fire and air. The original version seemed to embody more fire, while the essence of 2016 will be more inspired by air and water. Fahrenheit Cologne is heralded as particularly fresh and very invigorating. Also, its flight is made on citrus notes associating the burst of citrus fruits such as lemon, bergamot and tangerine. Then, nutmeg makes its appearance. This ingredient is very often used in colognes and fresh waters. This raw material from tropical countries is known for its many virtues. Indeed, nutmeg would fight rheumatism, stimulate the stomach, give common sense, and even increase intellectual functions. In short, it’s a bit as if Dior had brought together all the benefits of nature to concentrate them in the heart of a bottle. Then, Fahrenheit’s olfactory journey continues with the elegance of violet associated with the spicier side of cinnamon. Finally, the wake of Fahrenheit Cologne is more manly. Its scent ends with vetiver and cedar, both linked by the sophistication of patchouli.

Dior takes back its totem bottle

The announcement of the release of Fahrenheithas just been made that we already have the visual of its future bottle. However, the least we can say is that this new setting is reminiscent of that of its predecessor. Indeed, it was out of the question for the house of Dior to change this cult bottle that made so much talk about it when it was released. This symbolized a kind of totem embodying the force of nature. In addition, its gradient of red was unprecedented. In fact, it is the result of chance. It was born from an error in cooling the glass in the furnaces of the Saint-Gobain glassmakers’ workshops. However, this unexpected gradient was immediately unanimous and a special oven to reproduce this technique was even built. It is therefore in all logic and in homage to this industrial innovation that Dior takes up this famous glowing gradient. It is then associated with the transparency of the glass and the rendering wonderfully symbolizes all the freshness emanating from the fragrance. As originally, this conical bottle is topped with an opaque black cabochon embellished with a jump to the initials of Christian Dior.

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