BrandEye Primer Smoothing and fixing eyelid primer by Dior

Eye Primer Smoothing and fixing eyelid primer by Dior


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Eye Primer Smoothing and fixing eyelid primer by Dior
Eye Primer Smoothing and fixing eyelid primer by Dior

Since 1947, the Christian Dior house has surprised and innovated with the aim of offering women the best of science and technology. Endowed with an avant-garde spirit, the Dior science department joins forces with partners of excellence to put the most advanced scientific advances at the service of the same philosophy, namely to sustainably build the beauty and the youth of the skin to make women more beautiful today and tomorrow. The 260 researchers from 3 research centers in France, China and Japan host the most cutting-edge disciplines, such as molecular biology, dermatology, chemistry, genomics and ethnobotany. Here, Dior presents “Eye Primer Smoothing and Fixing Eyelid Base”.

the importance of an eyelid primer: Dior Eye Primer Smoothing and Fixing Eyelid Primer

Creamy and often creamy in texture, the eyelid base is applied to the eyelids, as its name suggests, and allows you to hold your eyeshadow, your eyeliner line or your pencil, all day and of the evening. Indeed, the material fills the small folds and smoothes your eyelid so that the makeup particles attach perfectly to it. The base will thus create a barrier between the sebum of the skin and the makeup pigments. Applying an eyeshadow primer is the new beauty gesture, a gesture that will change the hold of your makeup and its colors. If the eye area is too dry or, on the contrary, too oily, your eye shadow, your eyeliner will not hold, even if it is of excellent quality. Apply an eyelid primer is the assurance of having eye makeup that does not move,

Dior Eye Primer Smoothing and Fixing Eyelid Primer, benefits and application advice

Dior “Eye Primer Smoothing and Fixing Eyelid Base” is the first eyelid primer from Dior Backstage. Its smoothing and unifying action corrects and prepares your eyelid in order to maximize the intensity of the colors. All day long, the makeup is fixed. The eyeshadow does not migrate, the eyeliner does not spin and the color remains homogeneous, intense and faithful. Your Dior eye shadow has an ultra light creamy texture. With the presence of a smoothing, moisturizing and fixing agent, its hold will be optimal. The application is very simple, since it suffices to apply the base using an eyeshadow brush on the area of ​​the eyelid to be made up. Then make up your eyes the way you want. No touch-up is necessary.

Dior “Eye Primer Smoothing and Fixing Eyelid Base” is an eyelid primer that provides you with perfect makeup for at least 12 hours! Thanks to this base, mascara, eye shadow or even eyeliner will remain absolutely intact and your eyes will be luminous all day long.

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