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PerfumeExplorer, the latest set of Montblanc perfumes

Explorer, the latest set of Montblanc perfumes


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Explorer, the latest set of Montblanc perfumes
Explorer, the latest set of Montblanc perfumes

Because adventure has no limits: Explorer de Montblanc is back in a Box!

The Montblanc house has always cultivated a very elegant image. To achieve this, it attaches particular importance to the choice of its raw materials. Going to discover the finest materials, Montblanc is the result of a long process of exploration. To pay tribute to this approach, the brand has imagined a fragrance called Explorer, released in 2019. Today, it has barely seen the light of day when it is already back in the form of a new box. Focus on the new packaging of Montblanc Explorer .

Montblanc Explorer, the scent of an adventurer

Explorer is an essence for all adventurous men, eager to take on ever greater challenges every day. It is thought of as an irresistible call to discover new territories and to climb to the highest peak. Explorer de Montblanc pays homage to all pioneers and explorers eager for excellence. Wearing this scent is like defying convention and exploring your own limits in the four corners of the globe. Therefore, much more than a simple trip to the heart of the natural elements, Explorer invites men to refocus on their own instinct and their deepest desires.

The woody and aromatic scent of Montblanc Explorer perfume

Of course, the Explorer perfume box contains above all the eponymous perfume. Its recipe remains unchanged and it is still a woody and aromatic juice. Explorer essentially revolves around three main ingredients. The first, infinitely fresh and bright, is none other than Italian bergamot. Very appreciated by men, bergamot here reminds us of the scent of the Eaux de Cologne of the past. It is then relayed by a typically masculine ingredient, straight from Haiti: vetiver. This dark wood alone materializes all the tenacity of the men who wear this perfume. Finally, Explorer ends with a smokier patchouli base, releasing subtle nutty essences.

The Explorer Box, two products for the price of one!

The Package Explorer perfumepresents itself in a very sober, minimalist and masculine style. Completely available in shades of gray and black, it depicts the portrait of a refined man, naturally elegant. Inside this container, two products from the same range are presented to us. Of course, this pretty box contains the Explorer perfume spray, in a 60 ml format. Here, this essence is combined with the after-shave balm from the same collection. Its objective is simple: to offer you a complete beauty ritual. The aftershave balm contained in the Explorer Box takes care of your skin and limits razor burn as well as irritation. It also deploys all the scent of your favorite essence on your skin, for even more pleasure. With such assets in your possession, it is certain,

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