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Everything about Invictus Aqua


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Everything about Invictus Aqua
Everything about Invictus Aqua

Paco Rabanne launches the new Invictus Aqua

If you are a daring and dynamic man, then this news should please you: Paco Rabanne has released a never-before-seen version of his very famous Invictus . Indeed, this perfume is one of the bestsellers of the house and it has been three years that fans have asked only to receive a variant of its essence, in order to vary and multiply the pleasures. Well, that will soon be done! Invictus Aqua is borrowed from the same universe as its predecessor but guarantees to awaken your senses by bringing a real breath of freshness in everyday life.

Invictus Aqua, the sequel to the peplum

Although it has been almost three years since Invictus saw the light of day, everyone still remembers its advertising that flooded our screens, and even passing by today. The hero of this 45 second spot created by Alexandre Courtès was a famous Australian rugby player, namely Nick Youngquest. On the track “Power” by Kanye West, the athlete in full possession of his means brandished his trophy in front of a delirious crowd. Everything took place in the middle of the mythical Camp Nou stadium and perfectly combined modernity with mythological codes. Also, today we are entitled to the continuation of this contemporary peplum. Paco Rabanne takes us with the champion to the locker room. As crowd noises subside, Invictus is doused with ice water by the naiads in charge of invigorating it.

Also, it is precisely this surge of invigorating freshness that is referred to in this perfume. The bottle is then, for the occasion, coated with a thin frosted film which says a lot about the essence it contains.

A new fresh water signed by Paco Rabanne

With Paco Rabanne, Eau Fraiche does not rhyme with lack of intensity, quite the contrary. Invictus Aqua is a very fresh scent and yet it displays exemplary hold. What’s more, he doesn’t lack character. Indeed, its entire base is based on guaiac wood, an ingredient known for its strength. It is accompanied by the power of ambergris and the sophistication of woody amber scents. In addition, its pep’s is also revealed through the addition of pink pepper. Its burst of dynamism is reflected in its citrus notes. Invictus Aqua is especially full of grapefruit and yuzu. This citrus fruit from China and cultivated in Japan is not lacking in daring. Its zest is known to deliver a strong scent and its burst promises to awaken your senses. Finally, its fresh breath resides in its marine accord, enhanced by the vegetal scent of violet leaves.

In short, it is worthy of all the know-how of Paco Rabanne, mixed with a fair dose of impertinence.

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