BrandCalvin KleinEuphoria Men Pure Gold, the new nugget from Calvin...

Euphoria Men Pure Gold, the new nugget from Calvin Klein


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Euphoria Men Pure Gold, the new nugget from Calvin Klein
Euphoria Men Pure Gold, the new nugget from Calvin Klein

Very inspired by a dream, the Euphoria collection by Calvin Klein never ceases to be talked about. Both sensual and addictive, the fragrances that compose it have delighted both men and women since 2005. If Calvin Klein continues to reinterpret its fragrances and transform them into new variations, it seems that the brand has this time bet on the power of gold. Calvin Klein presents us with a brand new fragrance for men. This one is called Euphoria Men Pure Gold.

The unique recipe of Euphoria Men Pure Gold

Euphoria Men Pure Gold is a perfume very inspired by the very first Euphoria Men but which this time proposes to revisit the smell of gold. Thus, this perfume appeals to the imagination and requires a little imagination. Euphoria Men Pure Gold offers us a unique sensory experience. Its scent evokes both a powerful masculinity while emphasizing seduction. Never has a perfume for men seemed to have been so carnal.

What’s more, Euphoria Men Pure Gold is not lacking in sophistication and contains some of the most prestigious ingredients in the world. For example, this one spices its top notes of saffron, an element also called “red gold” as its price per kilo can reach peaks. Likewise, this trail is complemented by oud wood, another ingredient that is one of the most prestigious of the perfumer’s entire palette. Beyond this omnipresence of luxury, Euphoria Men Pure Gold begins with a fresh blend of cardamom and pine needles.

Its heart, meanwhile, is enveloped in vanilla and bases its elegance on a scent of rose. Juniper, however, retains the initial freshness of this juice. Finally, the sensuality of Euphoria Men Pure Gold is finally expressed by a warm blend of sandalwood, patchouli and musk.

The elegant and avant-garde design of Calvin Klein

Euphoria Men Pure Gold is presented to us in a bottle with an identical silhouette to that of its predecessor. It must be said that, despite its 10 years of existence, it has not aged a bit. Euphoria Men Pure Gold evokes contemporary and sensual masculinity. Very structured, this container combines the transparency of glass with the elegance of a golden metal. This robust material encircles the entirety of this bottle as if to protect its precious fragrance.

The whole is at the same time massive and limpid. What is more, the rectangular shape of its cabochon finishes off sublimating the whole with a very architectural look. This design is signed Fabien Baron and fits perfectly into his universe devoid of any superfluous. The bottle of Euphoria Men Pure Gold is ideally designed to last through the ages. We just have to wish him such a long life and success identical to those of his predecessor.

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