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PerfumeEscada - Agua Del Sol perfume

Escada – Agua Del Sol perfume


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Escada - Agua Del Sol perfume
Escada – Agua Del Sol perfume

Agua Del Sol, perhaps the most colorful of Escada fragrances

Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley, the creators of the Escada house, are recognized for their pronounced taste for colorful creations. Their designs are always particularly creative and we can’t wait to discover their novelties which are necessarily colorful. For them, feminine elegance rhymes with contrasts and dazzling pieces are the order of the day. Also, they have just announced the release of their new summer fragrance for summer 2016 and it will not escape the rule. Agua Del Sol is a water of the sun and has all the necessary assets to illuminate your daily life.

Escada and its creative designs

Every year since 1993, Escada has a tradition of launching a limited edition that only lasts for one summer. Success is constantly present and fans of perfumery are impatiently awaiting this release. It must be said that all the ingredients are there for the result to be exquisite. Also, with Agua Del Sol, Escada still seems to want to strike a big blow. We can only turn around in the face of packaging such as this. For sure, it is unlike any other and could not be more colorful. We see a pretty, typical Spanish woman sitting in a beach dress. His hat is none other than the sun. Around her, the flowers and the sea are bursting with life. The set is very colorful and immediately gives a smile. The bottle, meanwhile, is also covered in warm hues. It offers harmonious curves reminiscent of those of a woman. Finally, its steel cap combines a certain modernity with its style, making it more refined and contemporary.

Agua Del Sol, a light and delicious fragrance

Agua Del Sol will know how to seduce sparkling and optimistic women. Its scent takes us on a journey and makes life want to smile. It is light summer summer. Its composition is perfectly structured. He doesn’t overdo it and is absolutely not heady. Agua Del Sol is very Mediterranean and more particularly Andalusian. It is like soaking up the sun and will make your bathroom feel like a vacation. It opens with citrus notes of mandarin. These give it an incomparable dynamism. Then, fruity notes of raspberry sorbets are added, ready to satisfy all our sweet tooth cravings. Her heart also lets burst a bouquet of roses very dear to feminine perfumery. Finally, its wake is amber and oriental.

While the whole of France has just switched to winter time, you are surely among those who regret the hot summer evenings when the sun shines until 9 pm… The holidays already seem a long way off and a sun cure won’t hurt yourself. So, here is something to warm your heart: The Escada house has just revealed the name of its next fragrance: Agua Del Sol will therefore make its appearance in summer 2016 to cover your skin with the sun. As its name suggests, this Eau du Soleil is full of heat and makes you smile.

Escada limited editions

In 1976, Wolfgang and Margaretha Ley created the high fashion house Escada in Munich. Lovers of bright colors and creative designs, the latter soon also launched into perfumery. Thus, the first fragrance of the house was born in 1990. However, it was not until three years later that the house marked a real turning point. Indeed, in 1993, Escada will offer a limited edition entitled “Chiffon Sorbet”. This perfume will be the brand’s first ephemeral fragrance, heralding a long saga. Indeed, following this essence, Escada will launch a summer fragrance every summer. Always borrowed from freedoms, over time these perfumes will become highly anticipated essentials each spring in the world of perfumery. Too,

Agua Del Sol perfume
Agua Del Sol perfume

Indeed, its packaging could not be more colorful. A beautiful Spanish woman is sitting in a beach dress. His hat is none other than the sun. Finally, the flowers and the sea sublimate this idyllic painting. The set is very colorful and immediately gives a smile. Likewise, the bottle is also colorful. In addition, its harmonious curves are reminiscent of those of a woman. Finally, it has a steel cap engraved with his name. Her style is refined, feminine and very contemporary. The base of the bottle is blue like the sea and a gradient evolves to the bright yellow hue of the sun. As you can see, Escada has just offered you the ideal companion for your next vacation.

The summer and light fragrance of Agua Del Sol

Agua Del Sol is designed for sparkling, optimistic women. It encourages you to enjoy life to the fullest and begs to take you on a trip. Its fragrance is light and summery. As soon as you take off your cabochon, it’s a little as if the sun came out instantly. Very Mediterranean, it is borrowed from an omnipresent Andalusian universe. It opens with citrus notes of mandarin. These give it an incomparable dynamism. He alone embodies an incredible joie de vivre and unparalleled enthusiasm. Then, fruity notes of raspberry sorbets come in. Subtle and frivolous, Agua Del Sol also knows how to satisfy our craving for sweets. Everything has been thought of to make it attractive and it already seems to be the ideal partner for our next vacation. It lulls our imagination and we can already see ourselves aboard a sailboat, hair blowing in the wind and the feeling of heat on the skin. However, it stays fresh and never overdo it. Her heart also lets burst a bouquet of roses very dear to feminine perfumery. Then, the Tonka bean wraps it all up with a very soft natural effect, halfway between amber and oriental notes.

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