BrandEros, the essence of strong men

Eros, the essence of strong men


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Eros, the essence of strong men
Eros, the essence of strong men

As controversial as ever, Versace is a brand unlike any other. His provocative style is really particular and recognizable among all. It was in Milan in 1978 that Gianni Versace opened his own independent stylist workshop. After choosing a jellyfish as a logo, Versace innovates between a collection of glasses, bags and perfume creation. He entered the world of perfumery in 1981. It was in 2013 that Versace presented “Eros”, a masculine fragrance as powerful as a Greek god.

Eros, Greek mythology according to Versace

“Eros” plunges us directly into the heart of Greek mythology . It must be said that within this mythology, Eros is none other than the God of love. Eros is also called Cupid, and the latter is the youngest and most beautiful of all the gods and he is, of course, immortal. Today, Cupid is represented with wings and an arrow, he ignites passion in humans, promoting love and descent … “Eros” transports us to Rome, in the heart of an ancient, ancestral, majestic Rome. The man “Eros” from Versace is like this, strong, proud, even sassy. “Eros” symbolizes everything that man represents that is most sensual, more charismatic, more masculine. Mysterious, “Eros” is the fragrance of a man who likes to push his limits.

The passionate notes of the god Eros

It is the perfumer Aurélien Guichard who is at the origin of this atypical fragrance. “Eros” is defined as an “oriental-fresh-woody” fragrance. The start of “Eros” is ultra energizing with mint, Calabrian lemon, and green apple. The heart of “Eros” is smoother and more sensual with tonka bean from Venezuela, ambroxan and geranium flower. The trail offers a sensual and manly trail thanks to the presence of vanilla, cedar wood, vetiver and oak moss. The bottle of “Eros” is very elaborate, it imposes itself with force. It is shaped like a massive cube in a bright blue color. The famous jellyfish shines in the center of the bottle designed by Donatella Versace, where her name is affixed in golden letters.

The god of love, Eros, plunges us directly into Greek mythology. As strong as he is a conqueror, Cupid is the god of love, the one who launches his mythical arrow… When Versace created Eros, he created an essence for powerful, self-confident men. The composition was thought to offer the Greek god a touch of freshness, but remains particularly sensual. No one can resist when he is hit by Cupid’s arrow

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