PerfumeMen's PerfumeEros Flame, the latest men's fragrance from Versace

Eros Flame, the latest men’s fragrance from Versace


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Eros Flame, the latest men's fragrance from Versace
Eros Flame, the latest men’s fragrance from Versace

Eros Flame, new mythological hero of Versace

Perfumery is an art that allows the imagination to travel in just a few seconds. If the journey can then project us to a distant place, it also happens that it transports us to another spatio-temporal epoch. This is the case with Eros eau de toilette . Designed by the house of Versace in 2012, this perfume embodies mythology and seems to come directly from Ancient Greece. Today, he is reinventing himself but the magic still operates. Eros Flame appears as his worthy successor, while displaying a much more explosive temperament!

Eros Flame by Versace, the scent of a man of character

Eros Flame is very different from its predecessor. It is much more charismatic and displays a fragrance that does not go unnoticed. It is described by the brand as a “perfume for a strong man”. Rich in contrasts, it is intended for a good number of men, whatever their origins or their generation, as long as they have a strong character. Eros Flame delivers here a “message on the dignity of love and the power of diversity”. Eros Flame is not intended to leave people indifferent. It intrigues and fascinates by its power but its subtlety. Eros Flame is a “perfume that touches you straight to the heart and testifies to an unforgettable passion, stronger than time and differences”. He seems to have in him all the passion of Versace for exceptional raw materials and for history.

Eros Flame opts for a very spicy trail

Pub Eros Flame for Men
Pub Eros Flame for Men

Eros Flame is a perfume that relies on contrasts to appeal to the crowd. Designed with noble and elegant ingredients, it does not hesitate to play in a chiaroscuro register, from its top notes to its wake. It immediately displays this game of opposition in its first breath, daring an unexpected combination of fresh mandarin and black pepper much more warm and spicy. The pepperwood further reinforces that peppery sensation in its heart, while the rosemary gives it a more aromatic, but equally Mediterranean scent. The man who wears Eros Flame immediately seems to be bubbling with an irrepressible inner energy. Finally, it gradually displays all its virility in a more woody trail of vetiver and patchouli.

In keeping with his fiery temperament, Eros Flame is tinted with red

Finally, to finish, let’s meet the bottle of Eros Flame . If this one has the same silhouette as its predecessor, it opts for a very different color. Once turquoise blue, the Versace bottle is now adorned with a flamboyant red. Color associated with passion, danger and fiery love, red is far from having been chosen at random. Here it echoes the power of this fragrance. Eros Flame also has many ancient codes on its walls. Its sculpted reliefs seem to come directly from a Greco-Roman palace. A medusa head, emblem of Versace, is proudly displayed on its front face.

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