PerfumeEros by Versace, the scent of a strong woman

Eros by Versace, the scent of a strong woman


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Eros by Versace, the scent of a strong woman
Eros by Versace, the scent of a strong woman

If the Dutch top Lara Stone is particularly known for having made the buzz by posing naked and without retouching, just after giving birth, she is also famous for having been the face of many luxury brands. In this case, her voluptuous shapes and generous breasts, unconventional in the modeling world, make her figure one of the most popular. In addition, it was proudly displayed for the campaign of the Eros perfume for women of Versace , we then plunge into a mythological setting of the most sublime and sensual. After all, this essence is presented as being a formidable weapon of seduction and it must be admitted that it sticks wonderfully to the skin of the beautiful Lara Stone.

The intoxicating scent of Eros perfume for women

In order to create its perfume, the house of Versace did not call on one but three renowned perfumers. In this case, they are the very famous Alberto Morillas, Nathalie Lorson and Olivier Cresp. They then chose to work with a floral fragrance based essentially on the intoxicating scent of jasmine. Eros pour femme opens with a surprising tonality brought by the seeds of Pomegranate. Thus, he has this exotic little side which is not to displease us. In addition, it is combined with more citrus notes of lemon from Sicily and bergamot from Calabria. These ingredients give the essence great liveliness. In addition, the scent of Eros for women evolves in this direction. Indeed, in its center, we can find the lemon blossoms straight from Italy, a country dear to the heart of the house.

It thus releases all its splendor and exudes a deep femininity. This is then accentuated by the presence of peony petals which immediately give this juice a very velvety appearance. Finally, the olfactory journey of Eros pour femme ends with more enveloping and deep notes of sandalwood and musk.

The talisman bottle designed by Versace

In order to contain its majestic essence which seems to have come directly from the heavens, Versace has imagined a highly prestigious bottle . The latter is wonderfully inked in the mythological universe. In this case, it is a perfect circle whose turn draws geometric shapes reminiscent of those affixed to the columns of Greco-Roman temples. In addition, it is a case made in entirely golden tones. Thus, it plunges us into a world of opulence and refinement. Of course, the iconic jellyfish of the house of Versace is affixed in its center. For the record, know that this legendary character with the hair of a snake would transform anyone who meets his gaze into a stone statue.

The Eros perfume then embodies temptation in all that it has more dangerous. This however only makes it more irresistible. Of course, its rounded shape is a symbol of absolute femininity. Eros for women thus becomes the scent of a modern-day goddess.

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