Beauty CareEnhance and awaken your eyes with Biotherm Blue Therapy...

Enhance and awaken your eyes with Biotherm Blue Therapy Lifting Eye Serum


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Enhance and awaken your eyes with Biotherm Blue Therapy Lifting Eye Serum
Enhance and awaken your eyes with Biotherm Blue Therapy Lifting Eye Serum

It was in 1952 that the military doctor Jos Jullien made a historic discovery: that of Plankton of Life in a spring in the French Pyrenees. Particularly rich, this ingredient alone contains 35 nutrients. Today it is considered to be the most regenerating element in the cosmetic universe. However, it is precisely this that is at the heart of all the research carried out by the Biotherm laboratory . Today, he invites himself in a new formula: that of the Blue Therapy Lifting Eye Serum. Particularly adapted to the specificity of the eyes, this treatment awakens your face, while making the skin younger and more beautiful over the course of its applications.

Why is the gaze a particular area?

The skin around the eyes is particularly thin. It is also devoid of sebaceous and sweat gland. Therefore, it has almost no hydrolipidic film to protect it. However, it is continually subjected to numerous aggressions such as cold, UV rays, wind or pollution. Attached to many muscles, the skin at eye level is subject to permanent movements. These various elements explain its premature aging. Thus, the epidermis of the eyes is the one that underlines the signs of fatigue the most, while being the one that wrinkles first. To preserve it as much as possible, Biotherm has designed the Blue Therapy Lifting Eye Serum.

The benefits of Biotherm Blue Therapy Lifting Eye Serum

The Biotherm Blue Therapy Lifting Eye Serum contains Youth Algae, a natural ingredient that prevents aging of the skin and accelerates its regeneration. This is associated with a metallic applicator forming a bead. Very innovative, it allows to massage the eyes to decongest it, while helping the penetration of the product. Thanks to Biotherm’s Blue Therapy Lifting Eye Serum, the eyelid appears lifted, the bags are decongested and wrinkles are visibly reduced. After only four weeks of use, the eyes are enlarged by about 3 °. Likewise, Blue Therapy Eye Lifting Serum can also be used on eyelashes to strengthen and fill them. Specifically designed for the most sensitive faces,

The application ritual of the Lifting Eye Serum Blue Therapy

To apply the Blue Therapy Lifting Eye Serum , use its little pearl and make circular movements over your eyes. This delivers the right dose of product to refresh and decongest the skin. Move it gently, starting with your eyelids and stretching the product all around your eyes. Finally, on your lashes, spread this formula from root to tip.

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