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PerfumeElie Saab The perfume In White, new fragrance

Elie Saab The perfume In White, new fragrance


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Elie Saab The perfume In White, new fragrance
Elie Saab The perfume In White, new fragrance

Le Parfum in White, Elie Saab’s new showcase of purity

The Elie Saab Perfume was created in 2011 as to perfect the natural elegance possessed by the talented Elie Saab. It marked the beginning of the decade and is associated with the entry of this great brand into the olfactory world. It has always been a floral concentrate of white flowers. Nevertheless, since its release, Le Parfum Elie Saab has already been reinterpreted many times, becoming in turn an Eau de Toilette, an Intense Eau de Perfume, an Eau Couture or Parfum Eclat d’Or to name a few. . Today, it offers us yet another new face and is loaded with purity in the new Parfum in White by Elie Saab.

Why did Elie Saab choose the color white?

Elie Saab is a world famous designer with an almost innate knack for tailoring. When he was born in a Beirut at war, he made his first dresses there. From there, he decided to make fashion design his destiny. His unwavering determination took him from the Middle East to the United States and Europe. Along this long road, Elie Saab has always given a special place to the color white. Moreover, he was in charge of developing one of the most beautiful collections of wedding dresses for the Pronovias brand. If white fascinates, it is because it is a shade loaded with meaning. Chromatically, white brings together all the other colors. It is a shade that is often a symbol of unity and purity. What’s more, white is often associated with virginity, marriage, and the divine. It is a color full of power and softness at the same time. However, it is precisely this duality that we find in Elie Saab’s Le Parfum in White.

Focus on Le Parfum in White

Elie Saab’s Perfume in White is presented in the brand’s iconic bottle. Indeed, Elie Saab is passionate about design and architecture. He therefore attached particular importance to the shaping of its container. The Perfume in White bottle is similar to a generous glass cube, cut like a diamond, but designed to conform to the shape of the hand. These multiple facets form as many prism that returns the light to better reflect it. Consequently, the juice which is contained inside this bottle becomes only more pure and radiant. Thus, the visual of Parfum in White is at the service of the fragrance it contains. Elie Saab’s Perfume in White is an “addictive symphony of whites: the luminous union of notes of orange blossom and white musk”. Orange blossom is present from the start and combines with the light acidity of red fruits. An opulent jasmine fills her heart with generosity and femininity. White musk mixes with amber in its base, and patchouli comes to structure the whole.

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