PerfumeElie Saab Night Noor perfume

Elie Saab Night Noor perfume


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Elie Saab Night Noor perfume
Elie Saab Night Noor perfume

The oriental journey offered by Elie Saab’s new Noor Night

Elie Saab is a couturier whose style is a clever blend of modernity and eastern and western culture. Thus, most of the pieces he designs combine fabrics from France or Italy with embroidery from the Middle East. If this cultural mixture is omnipresent in each of its clothes, it is now interfering with the perfume department. Indeed, Elie Saab presents his brand new fragrance called Nuit Noor and directly inspired by the omnipresent diversity in the city of Beirut.

Elie Saab pays tribute to Beirut

Elie Saab was born in Beirut on July 4, 1964. It was here that his passion for sewing came to him when he began to cut patterns from his mother’s tablecloths and curtains. Also, it is to the city of his childhood located in Lebanon that Elie Saab wished to pay tribute here. As such, Nuit Noor is a juice sewn of multiple contrasts. It is a reflection of this iconic city in the Middle East, revered for its captivating contrasts. Beirut is a city that is right on the sea and whose light reflects on the waves. It is from this inspiration that its name came. Indeed, Noor means “light” in Arabic. Also, the Nuit Noor fragrance is designed as a contrast between the light of the city and the darkness of the sky when night falls. Likewise, it is exactly this image that is offered to us through the design of its bottle. It has many facets and a very architectural form. It appears cut like a diamond and is fully lacquered in black. This gives it a very refined and decidedly elegant air. However, the entirety of its opacity is marked by the name of Elie Saab and its perfume affixed in its center in gold letters. Likewise, the latter echo its collar, also very sparkling and bordered by two lines of gilding.

The captivating scent of Nuit Noor

In order to transmit the radiant effect of light to us, Elie Saab has incorporated luminous ingredients into his perfume. Thus, an exotic plant par excellence is there figure of master of ceremonies. This is ylang-ylang. This white flower from the islands is associated with the richness of the rose. Thus, Nuit Noor is a composition that turns out to be very feminine and romantic. The whole is nevertheless contrasted by the impertinence of multiple spicy notes. As such, black pepper is associated with the envelopment of incense for an almost bewitching rendering. It all ends with the vibrance of Indonesian patchouli affixed to woody tones. However, be aware that Nuit Noor is currently only marketed in the Middle East. To get it, you will have no choice but to go to Dubai.

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