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BrandCartierEau Fraiche declaration, Cartier's new burst of vitality

Eau Fraiche declaration, Cartier’s new burst of vitality


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Eau Fraiche declaration, Cartier's new burst of vitality
Eau Fraiche declaration, Cartier’s new burst of vitality

Since its creation, the Cartier house has considered itself to be much more than a simple jeweler or perfumer. She believes that she even has a real duty to set an example. This is how she once again, in 2016, decided to put feelings at the heart of her news. Indeed, Cartier offers us this time a revisit of the famous Declaration of 1997 . This takes the form of a Fresh Water Declaration for the occasion. Of course, his signature from the past is still very much present. However, this time it sees itself refreshed and endowed with a particularly cooling power. In this sense, she is an excellent companion for the summer season.

The contrasts of Declaration Eau Fraiche

Declaration Eau Fraiche then appears to be a fragrance as complex and intense as feelings of love. As a result, Cartier has juxtaposed multiple contrasts there. Also, it starts as soon as you see your bottle. This one is particularly slender and slender. Thus, it is ideally designed to curl up in the palm of the hand. His chest, meanwhile, forms a kind of cutaway drawing a heart. This then displays a deep tenderness. Likewise, its smooth glass gives a glimpse of the word Declaration tinted in white, thus appearing as a symbol of purity and freshness. Nevertheless, the transparency of its glass is surmounted by an entirely opaque metal clasp. The latter then swings elegantly on this flange, the secret of which it preciously keeps. Likewise,the word Cartier is displayed in an intense burgundy red hue. This color contrasts sharply with the rest of the case and thus seems to highlight the color symbol of love and passion par excellence. In addition, this shade is repeated even on the cardboard packaging of this perfume. However, it is clear that Declaration Eau Fraiche displays these contradictions with a profound elegance and in a real dash of harmony.

The freshly virile scent created by Cartier

On the scent side, here too, the opposites seem made to find each other better. Declaration Eau Fraiche is a classic and timeless fragrance combining a note of virile cedar with a refreshing cardamom. It all begins with a fresh and luminous soaring of bergamot. This fruit halfway between lemon and bitter orange releases a zesty, tangy, sparkling and floral scent. In this case, it is an olfactory accord typical of colognes. However, cardamom quickly arouses the feelings even more. It is made from seeds contained in the capsule of a fruit native to India, Indonesia or Guatemala. It is an ingredient with a spicy, woody, camphoric and aniseed scent. Finally, it all ends with a more virile note closing it all in a most masculine embrace. Cedar, distilled from wood chips, gives Declaration Eau Fraiche a very dry and resinous trail. The whole is then as powerful as it is light, making Declaration Eau Fraiche the ideal summer companion.

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