PerfumeMen's PerfumeEau de Rochas Man combined with masculine

Eau de Rochas Man combined with masculine


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Eau de Rochas Man combined with masculine
Eau de Rochas Man combined with masculine

Eau de Rochas brought its natural freshness to the 1970s, a perfume that is still dazzlingly successful to this day. Although it had become mixed with its aura which captivated all audiences, these gentlemen still lacked an Eau de Rochas tailor-made for them. In 1994, thanks to the talents of Gilles Romey, it was done with Eau de Rochas pour Homme. Eau de Rochas has finally found its male alter-ego more than twenty years later!

Revive a success in men’s perfumery with Eau de Rochas Homme

In 1970 Hélène Rochas wanted to create, in accordance with her husband’s wishes, a perfume which was intended to be the scents of “the freshness of a river at the beginning of summer, the sparkling of a citrus salad and the scent of meadows in bloom. “. And so was born the beautiful Eau de Roche (later become Eau de Rochas) from the nose Nicolas Mamounas and the inspiration of the famous Madame Rochas. But this precious and much loved Eau de Rochas, a true symbol of the revival of modern perfumery, was mainly intended for women although the gentlemen totally under the spell did not hesitate to borrow them!

The main instigator of Eau de Rochas no longer being, how then to offer a totally masculine Eau de Rochas? This was the challenge that Rochas launched to Gilles Romey and in 1994 he created Eau de Rochas pour Homme.

Concentrated with natural freshness, Eau de Rochas pour Homme disrupts the landscape of perfumery as much as its feminine alter ego would have done in its time. Eau de Rochas offers itself like a cascade of happiness to a man in search of a powerful but natural juice.

“Eau de Rochas has its alter ego. A virile freshness that enlightens the mind, carries the senses… ”Interparfums, the current owner of Rochas for Eau de Rochas Homme.

Eau de Rochas Homme: tender and daring water just for them!

The magnificent bottle of Eau de Rochas retains its rock for this masculine version. However, the Eau de Rochas bottle has been modernized and somewhat masculinized by offering ultra-virile square glass shoulders although still engraved with signs of mysterious rocks. As for the brushed metal of the stopper, it brings a touch of modernity and virility to this beautiful Cologne.

Eau de Rochas Homme opens with a tangy, powerfully tonic blend of lemon, tangerine, lime and tangerine. At the heart, the aromatics play with their presence by distilling from there their fresh and powerful forces between notes of coriander, mugwort and basil. A few pine needles add to these herbs their woody and dynamic strength. The woody sensualities will make their appearances in depth to better captivate us with scents of vetiver, oakmoss, cedar, musk and amber. The iris will be the perfect companion to these mysterious woods that it will powder with its elegant beauty.

“This great classic is the masculine side of Eau de Rochas, a manifesto of spontaneity and freshness, chic and sobriety. »Rochas for Eau de Rochas Homme.

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