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PerfumeEau de Rochas a new freshness

Eau de Rochas a new freshness


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Eau de Rochas a new freshness
Eau de Rochas a new freshness

… for a timeless fragrance

The Rochas perfume house has the gift of reading the hearts of women, as each perfume has responded to their deep desires, to their current olfactory expectations. As early as 1948, Marcel Rochas had the idea of ​​creating an essentially feminine Cologne, however it was not until 1970 to finally get to know Eau de Rochas and its fresh and energetic fragrances where other fragrances were intended to be patchouli and sensual. What if the key to the success of Rochas perfumes was simply to be where you least expect them?

Reinterpreting Eau de Cologne to create a universal Eau de Rochas

The international and timeless success of the beautiful Eau de Rochas, born in 1970, has made more than one perfumer green with envy and has inspired many others. Yet Eau de Rochas, first baptized Eau de Roche, was abandoned for the first time! Because little is known about it, but the Eau de Rochas project was born in 1948 from the imagination of Marcel Rochas himself. The great man of couture and perfumery wanted a fragrance that exudes freshness and lightness for women who, at the end of the war, wanted nothing but joie de vivre and sparkling energies. The great Edmond Roudnitska set to work and then composed Eau de Roche.

Despite a beautiful composition by the great perfumer Roudnitska, the Rochas house preferred to wait in order to hatch this ambitious project. Finally, it was not until 1970, under the aegis of the famous Madame Rochas and her perfumer Nicolas Mamounas, that Eau de Roche was transformed into Eau de Rochas, inspired in particular by the perfumer’s trip to the magnificent islands of Greece. .

Eau de Rochas, which wants to be, as its slogan proclaims, “A Fresh Water that spurts freely from its bottle, like a living spring!” », Will not stop seducing us! Upon its release Eau de Rochas became a bestseller and, despite the years, it has not lost any of its splendor. Moreover, the pretty “living source” never ceases to renew itself and even adopts 2.0 communication campaigns, as for its 40 years in 2010 where it is women who apply to be its muse!

In any case, it is estimated that Eau de Rochas has flowed in 55 million bottles since its release… or one bottle every three minutes! Who says better ?

The aquatic freshness of the hedione used for the first time in Eau de Rochas

The great bottle designer Serge Mansau looked at the glass of Eau de Rochas and transformed it into a river of fresh water where the reflections and reliefs of the bottle merge with those of the perfumed water. Its imposing cabochon is shaped like a quartz born in the hollow of water.

The pretty Eau de Rochas opens with a cocktail of energizing hesperidia between notes of grapefruit, lemon, bergamot and tangerine. At the heart, beautiful sprays of jasmine, narcissus and roses will form the ultra-feminine scents of this modernized Cologne. Of course hedione, this very innovative molecule in 1948, brings a wind of aquatic freshness among these sweet floral notes. Freshness that will nevertheless take us to a mysterious and woody escapade where the sensuality of oakmoss, sandalwood and vetiver notes mingle with a fascinating myrrh.

“Created in 1948, Eau de Rochas is one of the rare mythical scent in perfumery. Vibrant, delicate and fresh, it embodies a certain idea of ​​elegance according to Marcel Rochas. A forerunner of freedom and joie de vivre, he imagines a modern fragrance with the carefree image of the Riviera of the 1950s, which has now become a great classic in perfumery. » Rochas for Eau de Rochas .

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