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BrandBurberryEau de Lacoste Blanc, l’univers sportif se mêle à...

Eau de Lacoste Blanc, l’univers sportif se mêle à la parfumerie


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Eau de Lacoste Blanc, the sporting universe mingles with perfumery
Eau de Lacoste Blanc, the sporting universe mingles with perfumery

L’Eau de Lacoste embodies the spirit of the brand. Indeed, this perfume is contained in a bottle reminiscent of the aesthetics of the polo shirts of the house. In addition, its scent is also authentic simplicity. However, this one is not devoid of refinement. Seeing this case, we tell ourselves undeniably that it is inhabited by the spirit of tennis and that it is undoubtedly this scent that must permeate the stroke of the greatest clay court players.

Lacoste, the world of tennis

L’Eau de Lacoste Blanc is also called Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc. Also, only real connoisseurs know what it is and what is behind these numbers. This enigmatic code is in fact the name of the most famous polo shirt in the world: the Lacoste polo shirt. The latter was created in 1927 by René Lacoste. His name necessarily tells you something, and for good reason… He is a true tennis legend. Moreover, it is in particular to the latter that we owe the appearance of this famous one-of-a-kind t-shirt. For the record, René Lacoste’s wish was to invent a sort of new generation jersey shirt. Successful bet if we are to believe its longevity.

In addition, the latter is known for the elegant simplicity of its line and for the freedom of movement it offers to the wearer. Finally, so that you understand its name better, know that the L stands for Lacoste, the 1 refers to the unique fabric used, the petit piqué, the 2 means short sleeves. The second 12, meanwhile, indicates the number of prototypes that had to be produced before René Lacoste was satisfied with the result. In addition, the small embroidered animal finds its origin in the nickname which had been attributed to its creator. Indeed, he was nicknamed “the Crocodile” because of his tenacity on the tennis courts.

The freshness of Eau de Lacoste Blanc

Aussi, lorsque l’on voit le flacon de ce Perfume, il est impossible de ne pas penser au célèbre polo Lacoste. Tout comme lui, ce dernier est simple et élégant. Il adopte la même forme au style minimaliste. Par ailleurs, ses côtés au relief surprenant rappellent le petit piqué de la maille. De plus, le célèbre crocodile est bel et bien présent. A cette image, la senteur de l’Eau de Lacoste est également assez classique. Elle se débrand de par sa simplicité et en devient un parfum assez facile à porter, quelques soit la personne, les circonstances ou encore la saison. Son départ est particulièrement frais.

On y retrouve notamment le fusant des notes hespéridées et plus particulièrement celle du pamplemousse. Celui-ci s’agrémente alors de cardamone ainsi que des accents plus aromatiques du romarin. Son cœur floral, quant à lui, laisse échapper une douce odeur d’ylang-ylang, ainsi que celle de la tubéreuse et de l’olibanun. Son fond est, en revanche, plus boisé. Les feuilles de cèdre se marient au vétiver. Enfin, le daim clos cette essence tout en virilité et finit de sublimer sa masculinité.

Découvrez les Eaux de Lacoste pour Elles.

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