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BrandDylan Blue for Women, the new antique flask from...

Dylan Blue for Women, the new antique flask from Versace


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Dylan Blue for Women, the new antique flask from Versace
Dylan Blue for Women, the new antique flask from Versace

In July 2016, the house Versace was talking about it for the release of a new men’s fragrance. Very elegant, both in terms of bottle and fragrance, Dylan Blue immediately stood out. This aromatic fern is the epitome of Versace style. Very seductive, she could not remain single for long … Thus, the house of Versace has just announced the release of its female counterpart. Focus on the brand’s newcomer: Dylan Blue for Women .

Versace relies on a very contrasting breath for its perfume

Dylan Blue pour Femme is a fragrance that clearly plays on contrasts. It seems to want to surprise us in every way and associates flowers with a woody breath, icy and invigorating fruits with a more warm and incandescent trail.

Dylan Blue pour Femme first takes off on a fruity and energizing sensation of blackcurrant and apple sorbet. This juicy and sparkling side portrays us the image of a woman full of vivacity. Then, Dylan Blue pour Femme lets all its romanticism explode. Her femininity shines through in a fairly classic duo of rose and jasmine. An icy peach nevertheless sublimates the whole of its fluffy but airy side. Finally, Dylan Blue pour Femme warms up further in its wake. It ends with a combination of wood dominated by the presence of patchouli. Like her male counterpart, “Dylan Blue, is the epitome of [the woman] Versace of today. It is a perfume with a marked, singular character ”. Dylan Blue pour Femme is a juice that doesn’t go unnoticed.

The timeless bottle of Dylan Blue for Women

In addition to its very sophisticated scent, note that Dylan Blue pour Femme is embellished with a particularly refined bottle. Presented in a cylindrical cardboard box, it seems to come straight from another era. Indeed, as the geometric frieze running through its packaging suggests, this juice seems to be taken from Greek mythology. Moreover, we must recognize that Ancient Greece has always attracted Gianni Versace. Have you ever noticed the shape of the Versace logo? It is a jellyfish surrounded by snakes.

Do not be fooled by her beauty and her hair, a mythological tale tells that a simple glance could change anyone who crosses her in stone … This time, Versace’s jellyfish is displayed several times on this bottle. Unlike its masculine counterpart, very square, Dylan Blue pour Femme plays in the register of roundness and voluptuousness. Thus, it gives off a generous, voluptuous and feminine image. Its bluish color is absolutely captivating. Both dark and deep, it contrasts with a more golden hue which speaks volumes about its sophistication. The whole forms a kind of luxurious amphora. Dylan Blue pour Femme has a timeless and authentic air.

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