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BrandDiorskin Nude Air Luminizer Serum Dior

Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Serum Dior


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Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Serum Dior
Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Serum Dior

Illuminate your skin with Dior Nude Air Luminizer Serum

Spring has indeed taken over our daily lives and the first rays of sun have already warmed the atmosphere. So, to prepare for the arrival of summer, all we needed to do was discover the latest innovations in skincare and make-up offered by the biggest brands. It is therefore now a done thing for the house of Dior! The brand has just unveiled its new collection for summer 2017 . This is called Care & Dare and emphasizes color and protective care. Thus, your face will be charged with optimism while being resplendent with freshness and radiance. In this sense, Dior has given us the secrets of its brand new Serum Nude Air Luminizer.

A tanned complexion with the Nude Air Luminizer Serum

The Serum Nude Air Luminizer is an innovative product on the borderline of skincare and foundation. This offers a particularly natural look, as if the skin had simply benefited from a day in the great outdoors. Thanks to it, the epidermis suddenly seems warmed by the sun. It is subtly lit with an iridescent light. The idea is then to choose this product as close as possible to your natural skin tone. To help you, Dior has declined it in four different colors. The latter are more or less beige or pink and release a more or less sustained haul. What’s more, their formula is enriched with blurring agents and brightening pigments. As a result, you will shine and your skin will be sublimated with a satin finish.

The treatments contained in the Serum Nude Air Luminizer

At the same time, note that the Serum Nude Air Luminizer by Dior does not just color your skin. This takes care of your skin and helps it fight against everyday aggressions. Thus, its formula is enriched with a vegetable oil. This nourishes the epidermis in depth and stimulates its natural radiance. The Nude Air Luminizer Serum helps your skin to maintain its natural balance and thus activates its cell renewal. Forget the dull complexion and gray look of winter! Now make way for the sun!

Applying Serum Nude Air Luminizer by Dior

The Serum Nude Air Luminizer can be applied all over the face, like a foundation. It then delivers a healthy and instant glow. It can perfectly be used alone or in addition to a base. Thus, the Serum Nude Air Luminizer will not upset your makeup habits. What’s more, note that its fluid texture easily allows you to make up your neckline or your arms. In this way, your whole body will light up in unison and your skin will be even more uniform.

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