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BrandDiorific Khôl by Dior

Diorific Khôl by Dior


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Diorific Khol by Dior
Diorific Khol by Dior

Diorific Khôl lipstick, a red that turns into kohl!

Founded in 1947 , the Christian Dior house is the symbol of the post-war revival. The brand liberates the feminine wardrobe, offering new styles. His first perfume came out the same year “Miss Dior” and was intended as a tribute to Catherine, the couturier’s sister. Created in 1969, the Dior makeup line offers quality cosmetics. Like Dior couture collections, make-up collections are renewing themselves by associating themselves with a muse and an evocative theme. In 2012, Dior presented its Diorific lipstick and will offer a variation in 2017 with Diorific Khôl.

Diorific Khôl, a kohl lipstick designed by Dior …

Normally a kohl is a cosmetic product reserved only for the use of the eyes. Here, Christian Dior decides to innovate by integrating a kohl into his lipstick. Indeed, the red Diorific Khôl has a particularity since its grape peak allows an ultra precise application for an intense result and very long lasting. Its unique kohl-shaped grape is a small revolution in the world of beauty. With Diorific Khôl, the Dior brand wanted to dress the lips with an intense color or a powdery mat finish. With Diorific Khôl, lipstick becomes a real glamorous object …

Diorific Khôl, the lipstick, a surprisingly creamy formula

The secret of Diorific Khôl lipstick lies in its ultra creamy formula, with a velvet finish thanks to a high dose of pigments. Diorific Khôl rouge also has vegetable butter which gives the lipstick a softening effect. Diorific Khôl exists in 6 shades inspired by the most precious rocks, intense eggplant, raspberry red, glowing brown, rosewood, coral and luminous pinkish beige. For a perfect hold of the Diorific Khôl lipstick, it is recommended to trace the contour of your lips beforehand using Dior contour. Then apply your lipstick thanks to its ultra precise grape.

After Diorific in 2012 , the Dior brand presents “Diorific Khôl”. The latter is applied like a kohl, usually reserved for eye makeup. Thanks to an ultra-soft formula, Diorific Khôl lipstick leaves your lips hydrated and perfectly supple all day long. Your lipstick, available in 6 different shades, smoothes your lips for an exceptional velvet finish;

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