BrandDiorDior pub: Poison Girl fragrance

Dior pub: Poison Girl fragrance


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Dior pub: Poison Girl fragrance
Dior pub: Poison Girl fragrance

The sulphurous atmosphere of the advertisement for the Poison Girl perfume by Dior

Barely a week ago, on Monday January 25, 2016, a very social evening was held at the Bains de Paris. Indeed, Dior unveiled its new perfume there. It was the new Poison Girl, an essence part of the collection of the cult Poison of the house. In addition, it was also the perfect opportunity to present the new face of the brand, namely Camille Rowe. Thus, Dior has just unveiled its new advertisement for Poison Girl and the least we can say is that this one should not leave you indifferent.

The provocative Poison Girl advertisement

The range of Poison essences has always been perceived as offering a very important element of temptation. Indeed, these perfumes are particularly tenacious and they are contained in an apple, the forbidden fruit par excellence. Also, it is not the new advertisement for Poison Girl which will come to prove us the opposite. Indeed, the latter plunges us into a particularly sulphurous atmosphere in the heart of the New York lowlands. There, a blonde creature offers itself to us. This one engages in a parade of the most erotic. We then have the pleasure of discovering her wearing very short shorts, covered with a low neckline rhinestone top or even topless! She walks the streets of New York with a determined and swaying step, going from club to club for a madly hot night. The advertising message for Poison Girl is one could not be clearer: “I’m not a girl, I am Poison”, a short sentence which has the merit of igniting the publicity from its beginning. The whole is then underlined by an electro music which reinforces this magnetic atmosphere wonderfully. In this case, it is more particularly the title “Nobody Rules The Streets” by Brodinski.

Who is behind the new face of Dior?

The new face of Dior therefore has many advantages so as not to leave you indifferent. Also, it is Camille Rowe, a French top 26 years old. The latter is a rising star of fashion who had already collaborated with the brand. Indeed, it had made its appearance on the occasion of the advertisement for the perfume Dior Homme. She was then responsible for seducing the handsome Robert Pattinson, even going so far as to steal a languid kiss from him. However, do not believe that this is a bad girl, on the contrary. In reality, in everyday life, Camille Rowe is rather the type to go unnoticed, simply dressed in jeans and sneakers. However, she says she is delighted to be able to act out through this kind of advertising film. Indeed, being able to change roles every day is one of her favorite things about this job. Anyway, advertising forDior Poison Girl fits her like a glove and already promises to turn many heads, just like this perfume.

At the start of 2016, the house of Dior announced news that had delighted most fans of the brand: a variation of the iconic Poison perfume would soon see the light of day. This one would then be called Poison Girl! Also, Dior has just unveiled the advertisement for this new essence. The least we can say is that the atmosphere could not be more caliente. Camille Rowe, the muse of the brand, has no fear and instantly plunges us into a provocative and sulphurous world.

Camille Rowe, face of the Poison Girl perfume

Dior: The new Poison Girl ad
Dior: The new Poison Girl ad

Camille Rowe is a pretty blonde known more for her girl next door style than for her provocation. This 26-year-old French top is very popular in the fashion world. In addition, its silhouette is particularly elegant and does not have common measurements for the world of modeling. Indeed, the new star of the commercial for Poison Girlmeasures “only” 1 m 71 and offers us a generous chest very popular with men. Also, do not be fooled by his angelic gaze, on the occasion of the release of this new essence, Camille Rowe decided to play in provocation. Moreover, we had already had the opportunity to see her work for the Dior house since she appeared in the advertisement for Dior Homme. In particular, she had the opportunity to give a languid kiss to the charming Robert Pattinson, thus making many envious. Now, the pretty blonde raises the temperature a notch and offers us her figure in a particularly captivating advertisement. She then said she was delighted to be able to take on this role and considered it a real pleasure to be able to shoot commercials and thus change characters every day.

The provocative advertising of Dior

Quickly forget the very classy and sober universe of the Dior house. Here there is no question of decorum but rather of provocation. The advertisement for Dior Poison Girl only lasts 30 seconds and is enough to set the entire male planet in turmoil. We find there the beautiful Camille Rowe lending herself to a parade of the most erotic. The latter is sometimes dressed in mini shorts. From a rhinestone neckline top or simply topless! She walks with a swaying and seductive step, wandering from club to club and jiggling in the streets of New York. This queen of the night was then imagined to perfectly embody the tempting image of the Poison Girl perfume.. Do not try to resist it, this is one of the most attractive forbidden fruit! The spot immediately displays the phrase “I’m not a girl, I am Poison” (“I’m not a woman, I’m a poison”), a slogan that has the merit of igniting the video. Everything is then underlined by the title “Nobody Rules The Streets” by Brodinski, an electro music that fits the situation perfectly.

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