BrandDiorDior Homme, the ultimate revisit of its Cologne

Dior Homme, the ultimate revisit of its Cologne


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Dior Homme, the ultimate revisit of its Cologne
Dior Homme, the ultimate revisit of its Cologne

In 2013, Dior Homme Cologne got a makeover. The luxury house decides to make it take on a resolutely modern look and thus revisits its fragrance dating from 2005. Its style is simple and natural while being sophisticated. To formulate it, François Demachy designed a composition based on precious raw materials. The result is very sensual and gives off a fragrance giving an impression of purity. It is a bit like the feeling that lasts after the shower and its freshness is extremely appreciable.

Robert Pattinson as a Dior muse

It’s a collaboration that has not gone unnoticed at all: the face of Cologne for Men by Dioris none other than actor Robert Pattinson. The latter then took on the brand’s ambassadorial costume and produced a short film combining romanticism, the unpredictable and charm. In it, he is alongside the model Camille Rowe and everything is done under the benevolent eye of Romain Gavras. The whole clip is in black and white. It takes us on an epic journey of young heroes in search of freedom and fun. The background sound is signed by Led Zeppelin. This is the track “Whole Lotta Love” and the signature is then very rock. Robert Pattinson embodies a silent and spontaneous tomboy. Robert Pattinson sees himself as “the kind of guy who fights in a tuxedo!” I hope people will see it that way. There is something naturally elegant about the French, especially in the eyes of foreigners. They look very chic all the time… ”. To be completely honest, the Frenchy touch suits him and is to be succumbed to, almost as much as the smell of Cologne he leaves in his wake.

Dior Homme Cologne, a very modern revisit

In 2013, Dior Homme Cologne revisited the original fragrance from which it came. Although there are similarities, Dior has actually made a lot of changes. Indeed, the original frame simply remains the sensation of envelopment of the powdered rhizome. This impression is linked to the presence of cottony musks, associated with bergamot, lemon peel and grapefruit. In addition, a smoky side is associated with vetiver and a peanut smell appears furtively. Dior Homme Cologne was designed around a very simple idea. However, we must recognize that it has a quite natural and pleasant rendering. What is more, his outfit is quite honorable. In short, this classic perfume is very elegantand in tune with the times. It is therefore suitable for the greatest number and lends itself to all occasions.

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