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MakeupLip MakeupDior Double Rouge, the new ombré lipstick

Dior Double Rouge, the new ombré lipstick


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Dior Double Rouge, the new ombré lipstick
Dior Double Rouge, the new ombré lipstick

As with each new season, trends are above all on the catwalks of major fashion shows. Moreover, this does not only concern fashion. Indeed, the Haute Couture shows of the biggest luxury brands are also an opportunity for her to reveal to us what will be their next assortment of make-up.

Dior has just unveiled the Metallics 2017 Collection . Created by Peter Philips, artistic and creative director of Dior makeup, this new trend puts light in the spotlight. Through this collection, the idea is to radiate feminine beauty with a mat and slightly shiny color without going too extravagant. This is how the Dior Double Rouge lipstick was born.

The double color of Dior Double Rouge

Never does a lipstick seem to have lived up to its name so well! The Dior Double Rouge is directly inspired by a professional makeup technique consisting of using two colors of lipsticks to give your mouth more relief. Thus, the Dior Double Rouge brings together two different shades in one and the same tube. Its outline is mat .

It is more pigmented and darker. Its color is much more sustained. Its heart, on the other hand, is more metallic and lighter. It reflects the light and illuminates the mouth of the wearer. As Peter Philips explains, “the challenge was to find the right combinations of darker and matte contours, and a lighter pearlescent metal heart that would highlight the natural curve of the lips and give them more volume.”

However, do not believe that the result is filled with eccentricity. The Dior Double Rouge is described as an easy to wear product, simply offering a make-up result worthy of a professional.

The nourishing formula of Dior

At the same time, be aware that Dior Rouge benefits from all of the expertise of the Dior house in the field of cosmetics. Thus, its formula is nourishing and moisturizing. It is enriched with nutritious oils and takes care of your mouth as it is used. However, this does not dispense with daily hydration and regular exfoliation of your lips to remove small dead skin.

The application of Dior Double Rouge

The Dior Double Rouge can be used on its own. In this case, you just need to apply it like a classic lipstick and make one or more passes depending on the coverage you want. On the other hand, for a more ombré and daring effect, first start applying Fix It in the center of your lips before covering your entire mouth with Dior Double Rouge in a single sweep.

The Dior Double Rouge is available in six different colored shades ranging from very light tones to much more sustained tones.

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