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BrandDiorDior Addict Like a femme fatale perfume!

Dior Addict Like a femme fatale perfume!


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Dior Addict Like a femme fatale perfume!
Dior Addict Like a femme fatale perfume!

The very famous Dior perfume house has never hesitated to offer powerful and sulphurous fragrances where the composition and the marketing become as famous as the name. In 2002, Dior Addict was able, like a Poison, to make people talk about him both for his chiaroscuro composition and his sulphurous communication. A shocking and sensual oriental that will even allow itself to be born for the first time in 2002 and then a second in 2012, Dior Addict dares everything!

A scented and sunscreen drug with the sweet name of Dior Addict

Love them or hate them, certain Dior fragrances make paralyzed lovers as much gush with a supreme addiction as the bitter critics of those who would hardly stand such scent attacks! This was the case for Poison in his time, then now for Dior Addict , although he “redeemed himself a pipe” after ten years of existence by offering himself in a much more luminous way to women.

Dior Addict was therefore born in 2002 from the famous nose Thierry Wasser in order to offer, according to the brand, “the most delicate femininity, the most extreme feelings, the most physical wonder and the superb elegance of Dior eternity”. In short, a unique plant and oriental spell!

Thus the advertising communication around Dior Addict will play with addiction and a dark and decadent universe (which will later be called porn-chic) ​​where the heroine “shoots” herself at Dior Addict to survive. The original Dior Addict spot plays with the lights of the night to embody this dark and deep woman who goes so far as to steal the obscure object of her fragrant desire to finally succumb, in a rather suggestive way without a doubt.

This sulphurous image will be used during the first decade of Dior Addict’s existence, however in 2012, the ecstatic perfume leaves its dark universe to adapt to a fairyland almost contradictory with its origins. Dior Addict then becomes Eau de Parfum and is accompanied by Eau Sensuelle and Eau fraîche. A radical change of course that did not go unnoticed!

Dior Addict like the scent of gourmet desire

Before being a perfume, Dior Addict was above all a very famous lipstick from Dior . To pay tribute to this kinship, the Dior Addict bottle will therefore take the form of a stick of glass lipstick. However, the deep and mysterious midnight blue of Dior Addict cannot be confused with its elder for the lips.

The dazzling departure of Dior Addict plunges us into citrusy freshness of lemon, tangerine and petitgrain while the green note distills its natural beauty. At the heart, the deep light of the tiare flower blends with the flowery opulence of sambac jasmine and rose. The beautiful and so rare Jamaican Queen of the Night flower bewitches us with her powers. Finally, the intoxicating delicacies of Bourbon Vanilla and tonka bean will mingle with ultra sensual notes of sandalwood and patchouli to create a completely addictive wake to the femme fatale Dior Addict.

“Dior Addict is a perfume that lands there, instantly, immediately. He is generous without being opulent, attractive without being too demonstrative. »Dior for Dior Addict.

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