BrandDieselDiesel's New Look of Only The Brave High

Diesel’s New Look of Only The Brave High


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Diesel's New Look of Only The Brave High
Diesel’s New Look of Only The Brave High

A few weeks ago, the Diesel brand announced the release of a brand new fragrance to complete its Only The Brave collection. This unique juice is called Only The Brave High and is described as a fresher, lighter and more airy interpretation of the brand’s original fragrance. It will be marketed in France from March 20, 2017. However, rest assured, you will have no trouble recognizing it on your shelves. This fragrance has the same look as its predecessors while being more magnetic than ever.

Diesel’s iconic fist-shaped bottle

Since the very first creation of Only The Brave in 2009, this range has been synonymous with conviction. Thus, the latest Only The Brave High is no exception to the rule and remains faithful to the values ​​of the Diesel brand. Like his elders, he wants to be the messenger of bravery and courage. In addition to Liam Hemsworth, the face of Diesel, this image also goes through the visual of its bottle. Like a brandishing fist, it invites you to surpass yourself and dare to vigorously assert your opinions. Thus, Only The Brave High is a perfume fully anchored in our present time. Have you never noticed how much the men of today want to surpass themselves and show their courage? Bungee jumping, mountaineering, marathon, free fall jump… Everything is good to fill up with adrenaline and show the world what we are capable of!a perfume aimed at all those who do not want to be vulnerable . It encourages you to bang your fist on the table and this is noticeable even when you see its case.

Only The Brave High and its new magnetic look

If Only The Brave High is indeed a brand new fragrance, make no mistake, its visual remains faithful to that of the range. Thus, the latter takes the shape of the iconic hand of the Diesel collection. Originally, this bottle was inspired by a gigantic sculpture located in Detroit. The latter pays tribute to boxer Joe Louis. The latter won 43 out of 54 chaos fights during his career! In other words, determination is a value that has a very special importance for him. However, the real novelty of this bottle lies rather in its innovative color. This time, Only The Brave High is presented to us in a magnetic blue. More electrifying than ever, this massive case retains a certain transparency. Her oversized ring, meanwhile, is still present. This encircles two fingers of this bottle, displaying the brand name in a silver material. Finally, for more modernity, the whole is topped with a chromed metal cabochon.

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