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Diesel perfume woman Loverdose


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Diesel - Loverdose
Diesel – Loverdose

Loverdose, the gourmet addiction of the Diesel brand

Diesel is an atypical brand which has managed to rise to the highest level of the luxury world while maintaining a very pronounced taste for excess and provocation. Moreover, this is precisely how its Loverdose perfume was developed. But, overdose of what exactly? Sugar ! Loverdose by Diesel is a gourmet fragrance to the point of driving a pastry chef crazy! However, it does not become disgusting and women love it. As proof, Loverdose has become one of the blockbusters of perfumery.

Loverdose, a kind of love elixir

Loverdose is an unusual fragrance, a sort of elixir capable of driving people crazy with love and passion with a single breath. Thus, it contains a kind of pink magic. It is like a magic filter making you instantly succumb to temptation. He then encourages women to defy the prohibitions and to turn to new adventures always more intense. In fact, Loverdose by Diesel is a fragrance aimed at women who want to love at all costs. This is an ode to feelings and passion.

Thus, he has a little extra soul, a je ne sais quoi that makes him terribly endearing. Loverdose and a passionate scent, often unreasonable but absolutely dazzling. Diesel says he thought of it as a “soft drug with a tender heart”. The brand’s ambition is quite simply to make you addicted … Loverdose is characterized by a sexy and carnal scent . Its modern signature has a crazy charm. Loverdose is a subversive juice that you cannot do without once you have tasted it.

The perfumers who worked for Diesel

Nevertheless, a perfume would be nothing without talented perfumers to transpose the ideas of the creators in the form of scent. Diesel therefore chose to entrust this task to Honorine Blanc and Olivier Cresp. Honorine Blanc is a Lebanese designer but having grown up in France. She initially oriented herself in a scientific field before expressing her passion for smells. This is how she joined the prestigious international school of perfumery: the ISIPCA of Versailles. A key figure in current perfumery, it is the source of many bestsellers. What is more, Honorine Blanc is a designer who likes to take risks and who never confines herself to one and the same style.

On the other hand, she admits her preference for feminine creations. Olivier Cresp, meanwhile, fell into the world of perfumery from an early age. Indeed, he was born in Grasse and comes from a family already working in the perfume sector. Thus, the voice of perfume was very clear for him and is almost part of his genes. Like his collaborator, he also likes to develop fragrances that are always very diverse. It is therefore all the explosion of their overflowing creativity that we find in Loverdose by Diesel, a unique and fascinating fragrance.

The reign of the feminine is approaching with great strides. Obviously sexy, addictive and ingenuous at the same time, the Diesel woman already knows her complete victory.

Diesel launched a new fragrance for women in 2011. Its name is a combination of the word Lover and Overdose: Loverdose . A French translation that gives us love in overdose.

Loverdose Diesel – Perfume:

All the secrets to put them at our feet … Two mysterious molecules.

Loverdose - Pub Ashley SMITH
Loverdose – Pub Ashley SMITH

It is rumored that the alchemy of the formula due to the presence of 2 secret molecules A and B would lead to an addiction to extreme passion.

The scent has molecules that stimulate the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that gives you attraction and desire. This new Diesel fragrance will spark passion like never before.

A gourmet woody oriental fragrance. In its wake, men lose common sense and succumb to this woman whom it would be futile to resist.

  • A playful head: A sparkling mandarin like champagne. Mandarin is known to stimulate the imagination and promote our wildest fantasies. Sparkling, she takes you by surprise, just like the LOVERDOSE woman!
  • An addictive heart: A dangerous and aphrodisiac vanilla. According to the Kama Sutra, liquorice liquor is well known to stimulate libido, intensify and prolong all our lovemaking! In India, we offer you the following recipe: butter + honey + sugar + liquorice in milk and fennel juice: to drink without moderation for ectrêmes sensations.
  • Un fond excessif : Une liqueur de réglisse narcotique et onctueuse. L’effet aphrodisiaque de la Vanille sur les sens est connu depuis des siècles. En effet, le parfum et la saveur de cette épice ont la réputation d’augmenter l’attirance sexuelle et de susciter le désir.

Loverdose Diesel – Ashley Smith l’Egérie :

Et Dieu créa Ashley… “Ou le charme d’une fille, naturellement sexy”

Ashley SMITH - Loverdose Diesel
Ashley SMITH – Loverdose Diesel

Cette jeune Top model déjà mondialement reconnue incarne donc tout naturellement cette femme Loverdose.

Elle est ce que l’on pourrait appeler une “séductrice malgré elle” ! Elle est bien sûr tout à fait consciente de ce qu’elle provoque et en joue souvent même, mais qui pourrait lui reprocher… si l’on conaissait son secret, on ferait toutes pareil !

Pas un seul homme ne lui résiste, et pourtant, elle ne jure qu’elle ne fait rien pour les attirer ! En un regard, un sourire, ou même juste une attitude, ils sont comme hypnotisés …

Loverdose Diesel – Flacon :

D’une insolente féminité…

Un coeir de verre multi-facette à la couleur palpable transpercé d’une dague noire. Délicieusement piégé, amoureusement happé, le “Il” cède au “Elle”.

Il est précieu comme un diamant dans la forme symbolique d’un cœur transpercé par une flèche. Cette bouteille a été renforcée dans toutes ses facettes. Lover Dose est une arme de séduction. Le flacon est en forme de coeur de couleur violet. L’association du bouchon et de la tige de couleur noir font penser à une flèche qui vient transpercer le coeur.

Une création originale pouvant s’incliner de profil dans trois positions différentes ou se poser à plat.

Astuces – Diesel Loverdose :

  • Entretenir l’Addiction : Infiltrez encore plus ses pensées en parfumant son oreiller afin de l’envoûter jusque dans ses rêves.
  • Le Surprendre : Si vous avez envie qu’il découvre chaque millimètre de votre peau, orchestrez cette découverte en parfumant quelques endroits bien choisis de votre corps… Creux du poignet, cou, décolleté… laissez le trouver quelles parties de votre corps est parfumée…
  • Une Addiction Totale : C’est bien connu, il adore sentir vos cheveux : pour les rendre encore plus irrésistibles, parfumez votre brosse avant de peignez vos cheveux légèrement humides… Effet addictif garanti !
  • Le Mener par le Bout des Pieds : Vaporisez votre parfum sur vos bras, cela évite d’une part l’électricité statique avec votre robe préférée mais encoûte surtout votre cible dans un jeu de jambes parfumé et ensorcelant.

Diesel Loverdose sera disponible en Eau de Parfum Vaporisateur 30 ml, 50 ml et 75 ml en août 2011 ainsi qu’un Lait Corps 200 ml et un Gel Douche 200 ml.

Famille Olfactive : Oriental – Boisé – Gourmand

Notes de Tête : Mandarine, Anis Etoilé.

Notes de Cœur : Vanille, Gardénia, Jasmin.

Notes de fond : Liqueur de Réglisse, Notes Boisées, Vanille, Ambre.

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