BrandDefinicils, Lancôme's high-precision mascara

Definicils, Lancôme’s high-precision mascara


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Definicils, Lancôme's high-precision mascara
Definicils, Lancôme’s high-precision mascara

Definicils, Lancôme High Definition mascara

Having a glowing look is no small task! It must be said that Mother Nature has not been generous with everyone … If some people naturally display extravagant eyelash fringes, others have to go through the eyelash curler and mascaras box to give their eyes a little vigor. . However, mascara should not be overused to maintain a very natural effect. Nothing is more unsightly than seeing ugly bundles appear on a fringe of eyelashes. To allow you to obtain a perfect definition of your eyes, the Lancôme house has made the Definicils Mascara .

Definicils, a unique formula that makes the difference

As always, the Lancôme house has made the most of its know-how to present a particularly successful product to you. The Definicils Mascara is the result of a new generation technology that separates the eyelashes like never before. It is embellished with an exclusive formula, patented by Lancôme , which allows it to define the lashes one by one and make them longer and more beautiful from root to tip. However, Definicils Mascara never creates any overload. Going to the essentials, it is currently only available in one color: black. Fragrance-free, it has been tested under ophthalmological control and is suitable for all individuals, even those with the most sensitive eyes or those wearing contact lenses.

Lancôme’s new generation brush

In addition to its formula, Definicils Mascara achieves such feats thanks to its new generation brush. With a groove, its bristles catch each of the eyelashes and deposit the right amount of mascara. They are dressed over their entire length and the color distribution is absolutely perfect. The groove of the Definicils Mascara brush separates each of its hairs so as to store the right dose of formula to deposit it little by little and evenly on the eyelashes. This is where its unique definition comes from.

Apply your Definicils Mascara well

However, to obtain a really convincing result, it is still necessary to know how to apply your mascara correctly. To do this, you just need to use the small brush from the roots of the eyelashes to their tips. By following a slight zigzag movement. By doing this, you will help the brush to direct itself better and to distribute the mascara perfectly on your lashes. Of course, it is quite possible for you to carry out several successive passes, while respecting a drying time between each coat. However, we recommend that you apply only one coat to your lower lashes. Being smaller, they need less product to be drawn. A single coat is more than enough to obtain a natural result.

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