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PerfumeDance with Repetto, the new Repetto fragrance ad

Dance with Repetto, the new Repetto fragrance ad


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Dance with Repetto, the new Repetto fragrance ad
Dance with Repetto, the new Repetto fragrance ad

Dance With Repetto and its new advertisement, a guarantee of freedom

Opening the door of a Repetto boutique is like entering a particularly luxurious and magical world. Since its creation, the brand has specialized in the field of classical dance.

Its expertise and the excellence of its products have made it a major player in the world of ballets. What is more, to support the movement of the greatest star dancers, Repetto has also embarked on the field of perfumery. His latest fragrance Dance With Repetto is now accompanied by an advertisement. Focus on the choreography of this already eagerly awaited juice.

Marion Barbeau as the face of Dance With Repetto

First of all, let’s start by introducing you to the new face of Repetto: Marion Barbeau. This young dancer is considered one of the greatest successes of the Opéra National de Paris for the 2015-2016 season. We owe him the role of Marie in the new version of The Nutcracker.

Here, it’s a whole new role that Repetto has entrusted to her and it is also a great first for her: Marion Barbeau had never been a beauty muse before. What’s more, for the commercial for Dance With Repetto, she was asked to dance on the water , something she had never experienced before.

Repetto’s aquatic ballet

The staging of the new commercial for Dance With Repetto has been entrusted to the director Bérénice Rapegno who has chosen to deliver an aquatic and poetic visual, set to music by Guillaume Le Henaff.

The choreography, meanwhile, was orchestrated by Sébastien Bertaud. His idea this time was to “leave classical elegance to go towards something more committed, more of the order of the human being, of the feeling”.

For this, he worked on spirals, volutes and water. He thus expressed his own vision of liberated and engaged femininity. The advertising for Dance With Repetto therefore takes place in two stages: a first more “balletic” part, followed by an aquatic choreography, much freer, more feminine and stronger.

Dance With Repetto, a feminine and passionate fragrance

All these elements stick perfectly to the image we have of this new perfume . Dance With Repetto is a juice synonymous with freedom and movement.

Il exprime des émotions fortes et affiche une senteur vibrante et passionnée. Cette fragrance joliment chorégraphiée est un véritable déclencheur d’émotions. Présentée dans un flacon à la silhouette cintrée et au verre ondulant sous l’effet de la lumière, il est à la fois floral et gourmand.

Il s’ouvre sur le croquant d’un macaron à la framboise et évolue ensuite vers une fraîcheur plus florale de magnolia, de freesia, de jasmin, de pivoine et d’héliotrope. Il s’achève finalement par une facette plus chaude de vanille, de caramel, de fève tonka et de patchouli. Il est un concentré d’énergie, une véritable déclaration de vie.

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