PerfumeCourrèges Ultra Fresh Water

Courrèges Ultra Fresh Water


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Courrèges Ultra Fresh Water
Courrèges Ultra Fresh Water

The androgynous tone of the new Eau Hyper Fraiche de Courrèges

“Like Le Corbusier, who brought light into homes, I want to bring light into my clothes. This was the ambition of Mr. André Courrèges when he created his own brand 50 years ago. Also, it is precisely all this enthusiasm that we find in each of the perfumes of the Courrèges brand. In the continuity of all its creations with geometric design and intense liveliness, Courrèges has just announced the release of a brand new perfume. This one is called Eau Hyper Fraiche and is already presented as a compendium of dynamism.

The origins of Eau Hyper Fraiche

Although this is the very last perfume of Courrèges and that it is particularly anchored in our modern time, let us note that the Eau Hyper Fraiche draws its origins in the heart of the 1970s. Indeed, André Courrèges has always watched over to be in tune with the times. Thus, he was literally seduced by the liberation of women and by the relaxation of men which reigned supreme in the era of the “seventies”. What is more, André Courrèges was himself a seasoned athlete. This is how he decided to develop a mixed fragrance synonymous with liveliness and tone. From then on, Eau de Courrèges soon won over the hearts of a large audience. Its elegant and racy eau thus accompanied the characteristic movement of this period. Even today, Eau de Courrèges is a fragrance synonymous with freedom. Too, It is precisely in the continuity of this 40-year-old juice that the new Eau Hyper Fraiche is part of. This is already described as being the pledge of a new promise: “A promise of rare simplicity and eternal elegance. The promise of obvious freshness. The promise of a great perfume.

The new liveliness of Eau Hyper Fraiche

As always, Eau Hyper Fraiche is delivered to us in the emblematic bottle of the tradition of Courrèges perfumes.. This rests on a glass cylinder topped with a futuristic sphere. If the latter has not ceased to be available in multiple colors since its first publication in 1971, it is here designed with transparency. Only its name is displayed in a hyper futuristic color bordering on yellow and flashy green. The set then contains “fresh water, free water, super fresh water”. The Eau Hyper Fraiche thus begins with a very citrus flight combining several citrus fruits. The mandarin is revealed here in its most solar aspect. Bergamot is more zesty. Lemon, on the other hand, is a pledge of tonicity. Then, everything evolves into a bouquet of airy and invigorating white flowers. This contains notably menthol jasmine and sparkling petitgrain. Finally, the whole ends with a darker and more structured trail full of moss and patchouli. The whole thus ends with an intense nobility and a more racy breath.

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